Friday, October 28, 2011

First World Problems: Toothbrushes

Ok, I dont watch a lot of TV. Actually hardly zero TV. I canceled my cable TV some time back and honestly it is fantastic and one of the best things I've done.

That being said I dont see hardly any commercials. Some shows I do watch I do so via Hulu, or other means. Well last night I was catching up on Modern Family and was patiently waiting for the commercial break to be over for the rest of the show.

That's when this came on:

The most important part is the opening. This is where a commercial should really snag you and get you latched into it's content. It should be clear and concise and really speak to a deep emotional reaction to the viewer. Typically this is where a common problem is revealed, then your brain thinks that the rest of the commercial will be how there's a new super duper way to solve the problem.

If you haven't clicked on the commercial above, let me quote the beginning line of the commercial for you.

"Choosing a toothbrush can be confusing."

Really? Have you, or anyone you've known been that perplexed by this choice? I realize there are ones that are more ergonomic than others. Ones with soft to hard bristles, different colors and things. Some spin on their own and some *gasp* make you use your own muscles to use. But seriously, has anyone walked into the toothbrush aisle at the store, took a brief look around and just threw your arms up in the air and said, "Oh, fuck this!"

Luckily a professional dentist was on hand at this store to help this lady out. However if you find yourself in this predicament might I offer a few suggestions on making your choice a little easier:

Cory's Handy Guide to Toothbrush Purchasing:

  1. It's a goddamn toothbrush, just grab one at random and go home and brush your damn teeth.
  2. Use the extra brain power you didnt spend on your tooth brush choice to teach your child, cure cancer or club people to death that make these types of commercials.