Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A dark day.

Havent posted on my blog in awhile, been mini-updating via Twitter and Facebook instead of here.

Although you might actually be reading this on Facebook right now since it's been importing my posts here from my RSS feed.

At any rate ... I'm remiss to say that finally, after long last and much consideration ... I have finally thrown out the half-drank bottle of orange juice in my refrigerator tonight.

I bought it March of 2007. It had a long good run, and with a tear in my eye, I now say goodbye. I was with it from the very beginning when it was just a doe-eyed youth at Kroger. It's troubling teen years when it tasted just a little funny. Then on into maturity when the portions of the juice began congealing and the water separating. And it's twilight years when the molecular structure of it had begun breaking down to the point where at the bottom was a true mass of orange. Not the fruit mind you, but the actual color. It was a lump of the purest orange that I have ever laid eyes on.

Goodnight sweet fruit juice and may a flight of angels sing they to they rest. That is if I remember to put the garbage on the curb this week.

Here's a picture of it from a previous post back in June 2008. It's in the far back corner on the right.

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