Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hey Chevy!

Before you try to "change the world" with your Chevy Volt how about you change the brake lights so they look like you know how to actually fit to pieces of a car together properly.

The image below is the current brake lights on the Chevy Volt (top) and my photoshop of them so they line up and are WAY better looking. God this car is so damn interesting and so damn annoying almost in equal measures.

My Eye ...

I had a severe corneal abrasion on my "good" eye last week that left me pretty screwed.

I've had an abrasion before and they normally heal over night (the cornea is the fastest healing human tissue). However this one didnt heal over night. Quite the opposite - it got much worse during the night and was extremely painful and swelled very large. At any rate, that is all better now and I had one last follow-up visit with my local optometrist to make sure it was fine and I was able to start wearing my contact lens again in it. It's fine and I am now in a nice new contact (one made even better for astigmatism).

For shits and giggles he checked my surgical eye. When it was last checked by the surgeon back in May it was around 20/65 with an astigmatism. I am please to report now that with the pin hole test (the little shield that cuts out the astigmatic portion of your site, my eye zeroed in at 20/25. That's only 5 points worse than perfect vision.

I continue to be amazed at the success of the surgery and it's a testament to the ability and skill of my surgeon Dr. Farjo. He's an amazing doctor all around and a fantastic surgeon. I got see him towards the end of this month to get the graft checked out and I'm hoping he says it's secure enough to start a contact lens in it. If so it will be the first time in over 6 years that I will have perfect or better eye sight in both eyes.