Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ok so I know I havent posted a lot on here lately. Stupid Twitter and Facebook are sucking up all my quick post anecdotes lately and I havent had many deep insights worth posting on here.

Dont know if that's a good or bad thing. So here's a list things I've recently been thinking about:
  • When will Aqua's new single drop?
  • Why would you wear a gun to a political rally?
  • How do you tell when cat food goes bad?
  • How to kill ppl who respond with "k" or some variance.
  • My new phone (HTC Touch Pro).
  • Bulking-up.
  • Robert Frost's ironic commentary on fencing.
  • Why it's easy to rastorize but difficult to vectorize.
  • Call of Duty 5 Map Packs.
  • Shelving.
  • A vampire's permanent hymen issue.
  • Faux stained glass.
  • How cool the word ancillary is.
  • How I think I've missed doing anything fun this summer in the warm weather.
  • Nightvision goggles.
  • Buying a camcorder.
  • That Democrats normally dont mind being thought of as cowards and Republicans normally dont care if they're hypocrites


  1. My Thoughts:

    Aqua: Don't care

    Guns at a rally: Even Dumber than Swastikas

    Cat Food: if(date("Ymd") > date("Ymd", strototime($expiration_date))) { throw_away; }

    k: kk is the worst, I recommend excessive tazing

    Touch Pro: Ahh crap you got a Touch Pro?! How is it? I am thinking of getting one soon. You Suck.

    Bulking Up: Too much work

    Fencing: Kinda Gay


    Call of Duty 5: Never played it actually. I get motion sickness from FPSs. Kinda Gay, I know.

    Vampire Hymen: Ew.

    Faux Stained Glass: Cheating

    Ancillary: Uber Vernacular

    Summer: NO CRAP, Agreed on this

    Nightvision Goggles: w00t

    Camcorder: Vixia HF10 - Awesome - Buy one.

    Dems/Reps: Very true

  2. I think I am going to hold off and get a touch pro 2... Seen those yet? If not, you probably shouldn't, you may get buyers remorse, hahaha.

  3. The touch pro is awesome tits so far. Getting ready to update it's firmware now to the latest official release.

    The TP2 keeps getting pushed back and back and back on Verizon. If this phone stays as good as it has been the last 48 hours then I am fine with using this phone till I die.

    That camcorder sounds nice.

    Kinda surprised that you used "gay" so much. Hope you arent in the habit of saying it constantly like most.

  4. Not Gay like bad, Gay like not manly. No offense intended.

  5. Kinda like Kate Perry You're-so-gay-and-you-don't-even-like-boys Gay.

  6. Like when I try to dance and I suck and say "I'm so white". heh

  7. Yeah I think you're just digging yourself in deeper Joel. ;)

    I'm still confused as to how fencing is "not manly".

  8. Yeah probably hehehe... Maybe I reverted back to my youth for a moment.

    Fencing manly? Well fencing in the movies is manly. They don't knock eachother's swords out of their hands and kick and punch eachother. Epic Manly Fail.

  9. Oh haha. ok not sword fighting but the construction of a wood structure to separate spaces on a property.

  10. Wait a minute do I really have Ketchup on me?