Saturday, July 04, 2009

RIP = Rest in Peace

He's dead. It's done. Shut up about it.

The news needs to end. The "news" needs to end. The ridicule and jokes need to end. The scoop, rumors, theories, innuendo, debate and discussion need to end.

He's dead. Give it up.

Rest in peace, MJ, from the demons inside and out.


  1. True that man. He was a creative musical genius, a brilliant performer, and he was weird and controversial. But folks need to just let him pass with some dignity. It's pretty sad how low some of the molestation jokes have been, especially in light of the fact he was never convicted of anything and was an easy target his whole life because of how screwed up his childhood issues made him.

    I watched an interview with Geraldo the other day and the lady, a close friend of MJ, was talking about how people need to just honor and celebrate all the great things he did, and Geraldo was like thanks for being on. Now stay tuned for more details on MJ's possible murder and drug problems and blah blah blah. Ugh. Stupid.

  2. WHOA!!! I'm loving the new layout!

    It's very chic. Or, maybe not. Maybe I just like using the word chic. =D

  3. Cory are you going to tweet us from the MJ Funeral today?

  4. I was watching a stream on CNN of ppl watching the memorial on big screens around the country. Until I realized I could actually watch the thing itself on another stream that I didnt notice.

  5. It's me watching me watching me watching me watching me!

  6. Yeah, something similar was on msnbc earlier today.

    They showed a crowd outside some city all huddled around a television, watching the MJ memorial. And the reporters were all into the story and using words like "epic event".

    I was sitting there thinking, "Yeah, and I could be watching this epic event if I turned the channel. But, I decided I want my daily dose of news, so I'm watching you guys."

  7. I gotta say though, it was pretty interesting to watch and hear peoples' stories. Especially Brooke Shields and Barry Gordy. It kinda put a personal touch and shed a light on MJ I hadn't taken the time to notice before.

    My wife was a big fan and watched the whole thing - she was playing some of the speeches from yesterday on youtube for me last night. Also watched some of the old interviews with him - I forgot how funny he was. Sometimes nice to see the 'real' side of someone that is so easily seen as just a hugely popular entertainer. What a crazy life he lived. I can't imagine growing up like he did and then people act surprised that he was so strange. Sad story, man. I think honestly reflecting on this kind of stuff is good for people. We all could use a little change.

    Oh man I just quoted Sugar Ray.

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  9. Actually this is all a conspiracy anyway. The real Michael Jackson died 15 years ago. This replacement had a clean bill of health but was "removed" from service. It all ties in to the illuminati.