Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zune is Sexy!

So I love my Zune and pound for pound it's as great as any iPod and in a lot of ways better. The one thing that Microsoft has a very hard time doing is sexy though. iPod's get a big rub by the imaginary "sexy" quotient of their products that Microsoft has a very hard time generating for their stuff.

Case in point is Wes Moss, in the latest Zune advertisement. Sure the ad makes tons of sense and is a great selling point over the iPod/iTunes system but it's just not sexy ... or is it? Have you ever clicked on the ad and actually seen the FULL SIZE advertisement? Go ahead, click on it over there and and try it out. ;)


  1. Your link, she be brokey sir.

  2. Link is fixed. Stupid Picasa albums non-direct-link-having bullshit

  3. eeek! Break it again! Ahhh! lol

  4. sooooo....

    i need to shave my legs if i want to buy a zune?

    don't get me wrong, i've got the legs for it. there's just that whole "POOF!" thing that takes some work to keep under control.

    maybe iPods are for me. /shrugs

  5. Might I suggest that prior to shaving any part of yourself that you start with a thinning out using hedge clippers and work your way down. ;)

  6. Hahaha no doubt. I would recommend those commercial grade brush clearers they advertise on TV.