Friday, May 01, 2009

This is disgusting.

I've campaigned against this man before as a shared outing with the Obama campaign in a neighboring county. However I am going to go full throttle at him this time.


  1. I agree, this is a sad use of emotions to 'scare' people. But I also think it's sad that Obama's entire campaign and most of his first 100 days were nothing but emotional manipulation. From the feigned outrage about the AIG bonuses to using the word CRISIS 50 times in every speech, it's all the same political horseshit, just prettied up with a different bow.

  2. I'm fine with you saying they "feigned" outrage. That's your opinion.

    I dont know that calling the the financial "situation" a crisis is the same deal. I think that's a fair characterization. But then again that's my opinion.

    Either way shit like this needs to stop. Especially the stuff in this video.

  3. Oh I'm cool with them calling it a crisis. I just think using the word 25 times in a speech is a bit ridiculous.

    While we're on the subject, I think the Vice President of the United States telling people he doesn't recommend they use buses or subways, or any other 'confined places' during a damn 'flu crisis' is responsible, do you? Meh. Stupid. Sorry, but I think Biden passed Dan Quayle on the dumbass-o-meter a few miles back. But yes, that is my opinion (and everyone else's that doesn't suck, hahaha)...

    So don't mistake my characterization of Obama in thinking that McCain would have been a walk in the park or that Bush was happy sunshine wonderful-ness. But man... This crap is really getting old. Same old crap. No new fresh 'outsiders' in the administration, no unity, just politics as always. Meh. Where's my flux capacitor?

  4. Also the feigned outrage thing... When it's your own people that make the AIG bonuses happen, I don't see how you can be outraged at the people that took the bonuses. That's stupid. It's like telling someone they can have a hundred dollars and then getting mad and pretending like they shouldn't have taken it.

    AIG was wrong in drafting the contract for the bonuses, but they were there, and the only people that could have prevented it were the ones that drafted up the stimulus bill and specifically wrote it in a way that allowed money for bonuses to be allocated. So we allow it in the bill, then we piss on the constitution and threaten to tax the people that took the money? Brilliant.

    I have more opinions if anyone is interested, hehehe...

  5. Ok one more, and I swear I'm done. I wasn't gonna go there, but I just can't help myself...

    Doesn't scaring the piss out of an entire city by making them think another 9/11 is happening count as fear mongering? hehehe

    Thank God Gibbs was there to speak on the behalf of the white house and calm the masses. Beautiful.

    In the interest of being balanced, here is idiot Boehner accidently dropping the most brilliant piece of legislation every written on the floor! What an idiot! What if it got out of order and they had to re-sort the pages?! That would have taken days! The economy may have never recovered!!! I mean... Obama did dink around for a few before signing it after trying relentlessly to horrify the country into standing behind it, so maybe we would have had enough time, but you never know! Never waste a good crisis! AHHHHH!!!!

  6. Every = ever. Yeah. I still do that.

  7. I guess I shouldn't be so hard on gibbs. Apparently he did clear up what biden meant to say... Wheee! Ok I am done.

  8. I've never felt unsafe or scared while living in the US. I never understand why people use the scare-tactic so much in saying, "Oh, your life is now in more danger since Obama is President." Or, anyone for that matter. To be honest, I would have felt just as "safe" if McCain was in office as I do now that Obama's in office.

    I don't see why people feel "unsafe".

  9. A couple of points and then I'll move along.

    1) AIG bonuses were sought, setup and given out under the TARP program in November by the Bush Administration.

    2) Biden is still a long ways off from Dan Quayle.3) Biden was a tool for saying what he said. I think he honestly meant that he, himself, would not get into those situations. The gaff here is that he cant say those things in a public forum like that as the VP of the USA.

    4) The fly-over thing was a total botched job by the guy that set this up and if I were him I would resign. If I was Obama I would ask for his resignation.

    5) Jordan hit on a very good point. I dont think I would've felt particularly unsafe under McCain. I believe that discussion in politics queues into these primal instincts in us (fear, sex, etc) in an effort to get people to pay attention. Most people do not follow this stuff closely for a myriad of reasons, so you gotta peak their interest. I hate it as well. It pisses off the people who do pay attention and the people that dont are not going to stay tuned in after the stimulus is removed. So the real trick is to make sure you stimulate the subject matter just long enough to achieve what you need but not long enough to register on their long term radar.

    6) And finally, fuck anyone who has a problem with talking in enumerated list form. :)

  10. The problem I have with the flyover handling is Gibbs - the spokesman for the damn white house, in his usual ridiculously and deplorably arrogant and condescending manner, basically said, "I don't know, I don't know what the FAA does". Sorry, but that is wholly unnacceptable to me and people that want a damn answer to what happened. Instead he acts like it's beneath him because he's doing something more important. I guess apologizing and not generally being a prick is below his paygrade.

    The situation with Biden is his quips aren't just funny like Bushisms 'internets' and 'nuke-u-lar'. They're consequential. VERY consequential. It's amazing how many dumb things he's said just since they've been in office. Obama needs to get him a muzzle.

    And while on the ineptness subject, if you ask me, there are many people Obama should be asking to resign, and Gibbs should go first. Ugh. Seriously. I'm embarrassed that guy is the spokesman for my white house.

    And we're back to talking about Bush again for some reason with regards to TARP. Tarp was a piece of shit. The stimulus is a piece of shit. Bonuses were allowed under TARP and apparently per admissions from Dodd and Geithner, allowances for Bonuses were written into the stimulus as well. So being outraged for something you allowed is asinine, regardless of what the guy before you did. Funny that Bush was the template for what NOT to do and Obama does the same thing but it's somehow not seen the same way.

    Meh. Mars. Flux Capacitor. Kitten Videos.

  11. Above his paygrade is what I meant to say. And talking in enumerated lists is the bomb.