Thursday, May 14, 2009

Meep Meep!

In case you dont have a Road Runner internet connection with Power Boost and ever wondered if it was worth the money. In the words of my High School Art Teacher (who was Korean) it's "fast as dust". Which basically means super damn fast.

And yes those are "B's" as in BYTES, not BITS. Chica-POW!!!


  1. I have road runner too. I normally get about 800K a second down. I may need to upgrade since I cut cable, and RR cut their plans to bill per bandwidth usage.

  2. Lets home no one working at Time Warner Stumbles across this post or you may end up with magically brokey internets. Hehehe

  3. They really need to overhaul the blogger interface for comments so you can go back and edit your own comments and the posting utility is pathetic. It hasnt changed at all in years.

    The composing engine in Gmail has evolved great over the years and when Google consumed Writely they were supposed to patch that editing interface into Blogger, but that didnt happen either.

  4. I also think they should redesign the little jagged edge system for opening the little bags of peanuts you get on the airlines. I mean... Who can open those things?