Friday, May 15, 2009

Every crime is a hate crime ... no sorry.

Members of the federal government are still working to pass new Hate Crime legislation that would shore up inadequacies in the current laws and expand the protection to LGBT people.

Many argue that adding Hate protection is unnecessary as all crimes are hate related crimes and thus what? I've never understood the argument against Hate Crime measures. You have the person guilty of committing a crime and you claim to be tough on crime, but you are against further penalizing them in this regard? Anti-Hate Crime comments normally come from the most "lock them up and throw away the key" type people as well. I just dont get it.

How I see it:

Crime 1: A 43 year old man goes and rob's a bank because he lost his job and believes he has no other means to acquire money. He goes in with a gun and threatens the tellers and gets his money and takes off. Is this a hate crime? No. He may have scared the people involved and should receive the extra punishment of it being an "aggrevated assault" while he was stealing.

Crime 2: Two 22 year old men go out to specifically find a person who is black/gay/jewish/etc with the express intent to injure or kill that person simply because that person is black/gay/jewish/etc. They find their target and lure him to a location where they begin to beat him. As they begin to violently dominate this person their rage and excitement intensify. Their work boots begin peeling back scalp from skull as they kick the victim's head. Ribs crack, bruises begin to form quickly from the severity of the blows. Soft tissue is contused and ruptured as they now use weapons because their hands are becoming too sore from their strikes. The person is still breathing and this seems like the ultimate act of defiance against their efforts to fully make this person submit to their will and aggression. They use a length of dog cable and attach it to the victim's neck, cutting his skin and off what remaining air he can muster into his punctured lungs. He's then tossed into the back of their vehicle and driven miles and miles out into a desolate countryside. He is then tied to a fence in a mock crucifixion pose, stripped nude, genitals now mutilated by an old jack handle and the gas they dumped on him is now slightly washed off by their urine. They leave him - clinging to life - for over 3 days. The victim finally succumbs to his injuries and blood loss and the elements and dies hanging there. Is this a hate crime? Yes. Hate motivated the whole process. And on top of the normal punishment for the crime, they should be punished extra for it being a Hate crime as a deterrent against people in our society that need extra protection.

The only argument left I can see is why is Victim A more or less special than Victim B to receive more or less punishment. Well in a simple world this thought is correct. But in our very complex world we realize that some people need our extra protection and as long as it's not reducing the punishment on a non-hate targetted victim, I dont see the big deal.


  1. I agree. Rehabilitating a person that commits a crime under complex circumstances and not hate is a completely different thing than some freak going out and smacking an old lady around to get a kick. The sickos should never be lumped into the same category as petty thieves or potheads. Totally different.

  2. It sounds to me like their using the "no sin is greater than another" type cop-out, in saying that no crime is greater than another crime, since their all crimes.

    Which is ridiculously dumb. If I stole a cracker from an infant, I shouldn't be punished the same as if I murdered that infant.

    And, it also makes no damn sense. My friends and I go to the Tuberculosis Hospital in Lima a lot, because it's interesting. But, it's also trespassing, which is against the law. How exactly is that considered a hate crime?

  3. I think it could be considered a hate crime if you stole a cracker from a baby while trespassing inside the abandoned TB Hospital. Especially if that baby is a gay Jewish elderly black lady in some strange Benjamin Button sorta situation.

    But only if it was a Thursday. ;)

  4. Oh. Well damn. I hope no cops read this, because basically that's exactly what happened last Thursday night. =|