Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All hail our new monkey overlords

Google's logo today is in commemoration of the discovery of "the missing link". The latest best evolutionary link between primate and human evolution.

Check out this great post on a message board for people waiting for the Rapture about this:

I saw it and was going to post on it as well but you beat me to it. I almost threw my laptop it made me soooooooooo mad

Sheesh, rage much? Honestly I know things can be frustrating and a computer can be a large source of frustration when they arent working right. But if you are so wrapped up into something that you read online that you want to physically throw your laptop, you need an adult TIME OUT. Not disrespecting this person's personal beliefs or anything here, but close the laptop lid and go sit quietly in the corner until you can behave.

The same poster follows with:

Made me wonder what the logo would look like after we're taken outta here!

*blink* You're not concerned with the enjoyment you'll receive in Heaven? You're not the least bit concerned about seeing all your loved ones and be eternally in the love and protection of your god? The thought that comes to your mind at this point is what Google's logo will look like after the Rapture? I'm assuming you assume that it will be some soft of pictographic representation of "Oh damn! Why didnt we learn and accept god before it was too late?!". Which shouldnt matter to you at all since you'll be in Heaven. But it seems like you'd like to divide your time in Heaven between tip-toeing thru Jesus's tulips and sitting in judgement on how we all behave down here. You really think you'd be in a Heaven where you would have a free moment to be bored long enough to sit and look down and shake your head at the "stupid" people who are left? Your Heaven sounds like a front porch on a busy street. That's what you're so ready for? Eternal life of watching cars speed down your street, yelling at people to get off your yard and gossiping with the neighbor lady about the single woman who lives across the street? Oh that and what Google is doing for their logo nowadays. I'm serious about the sitting in the corner thing. Go there now.


  1. Cory I think you need an adult time out. You just spent time on a long post making fun of someone that probably spent 30 seconds on two comments. : P

    If we evolved from monkeys where the hell are my wings? I want to fly, damnit!

  2. I think you're right.

    *goes to the corner*

  3. yeah.

    Rants like this remind me of this guy i read about. He became psychotic over the names people picked in video games. went so far as to call two of them (that i know of) on their own gaming policy.

    some people really need to just chill out and relax. there's better things to worry about.


  4. On a side note, I think heaven is more like a bowling alley.