Thursday, April 16, 2009

What the Tea Parties Are About - My Repsonse to Glenn Beck

Below is my response to Glenn Beck (I cant believe I'm doing this btw). My responses are in blue.

What the Tea Parties Are About

April 16, 2009 - 0:33 ET

This is what the tea parties are about:

Okay out with it. Let's hope everyone agrees with you and I dont have to do this for all the right-wing people out to define this.

It's about spending — too much spending, to be specific. The idea that a business is too big to fail is anti-American; we've always been for the underdog.

Spending has been bad thru many times in history, why has this time got you so riled up? And if you say this is the straw that broke the camel's back we may have to have a sit down with a line graph. So you'd think it would be a good idea to let these places fail and let that many people out of work and unable to buy products from the companies that didnt fail? I dont agree with helping the businesses out either but this is an extreme situation.

It's about putting my family — my children — under $12.8 trillion in debt; all it took was two presidents and six months.

You bred? How much are you expecting Glenn Jr to pony up of that $12.8 trillion? We've almost always been indebt thru our history and we "the greatest nation ever" so we cant be too bad.

It's about the idea that we're all socialists now.

Welcome. You can pick up your membership jacket at the next table. Honestly explain to me what's so bad about being a socialist.

It's about the idea that the government can force companies, banks and states to take money and the strings that are attached to it, that they didn't want.

Oh man, you mean we cant just give them our money and ignore what they do with it? Seriously?

It's about power — too much power going to federal government.

As opposed to what? The state government? Something would tell me in 100 years you wouldnt like the state government either. Your argument that America is great is slighted by you turning it into America is great, our government sucks. Our government is America along with everything else. Like it or leave it.

It's about corruption — too much corruption, in both parties.

Really? Now it's bad enough for you to say something? The real problem I have is here is you act like the first person to ever notice it or say something.

It's about the rule of law — that no one is above the law: if you're here legally or illegally, it applies-never too rich or powerful.

Really? You're so fair and balanced it makes my head spin. Did you not live in this country during Bush Jr's terms?

It's about if you write the tax code you should pay your taxes.

Not sure where you're going here with this one. Seems like a paritsan slam, but you do know lots of republicans skip out too right? Otherwise this can be condensed with your statement above.

It's about the Republic, not mob rule.

I almost didnt hear you say that surrounded by that huge mob of yours. Not sure how we arent a Republic and technically in a Republic the mob (or largest group of agreeing citizens) do in fact run the joint.

It's about the concept of free speech — we've been called insane, lunatics and worse, just for speaking out.

It's free to call you anything too. Free speech doesnt mean you can say something and people just have to sit and listen. But I'm sorry since apparently you've never casted a stone in your life. Sorry to hurt your delicate sensitivities.

It's about the years of lies from both parties — a Republican Party that claims to be for small government but gives us Medicare Part D that's got $17 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

Straw and camel argument again here? Seriously have you lived in a hole your whole life? Big is subjective too so stop using it in this form for this argument.

It's about hypocrisy — both parties claim to be the most ethical, but we get corruption and not one damn person in Washington to speak out against it.

Yep no one ever talks about that stuff. Thank god you spotted that one and let us all know. “The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity”

It's about the media that gets into bed with one party and has moved so far left that it can't even begin to see we're not extremists, we're moms and dads who just want to have a Republic for our children; but they can't see it.

So just when this goes to the left it's an issue? Not when Fox News (in bed with the Republicans) hosting shows that actually shout down the son of someone who died in 9/11?

But I'm the extremist.

Okay. Admitting it is the first step.

Bush and Obama spend or put us on the hook for $12.8 trillion, but I'm the extremist?

Is 12.7 not extreme? What's your reasonable numbers here? Presenting an argument like this does make you sound like an extremist.

Cap and Trade without any plan on who pays the taxes or where the money goes, but I'm the extremist?

See above and then sit down and let's see if you can explain how Cap and Trade actually works.

States are looking to apply retroactive taxes — that's like changing the rules in the middle of the game — but I'm the extremist?

Is it all a game to you? Just curious.

Vilifying AIG executives, without any law being broken, just for accepting money they were owed, but I'm the extremist?

They werent owed it by us. Oh and way to defend AIG you little extremist you.

Bush and Obama have taken over and want to take over banks, car manufacturers and insurance companies, but I'm the extremist?

Sure. I think we've already been thru this.

The politicians in the House and Senate stuff $20 billion in pork and earmarks into spending bills when we have to beg the Chinese to loan us that money, and I'm the extremist?

If you are so pro-private sector, go out and figure out a way to make $20 billion and buy it yourself. Dont be so jealous because the Chinese can out spend you.

A Supreme Court justice and Harold Koh, who will help run the State Department, talk about trans-nationalism and by definition a diminished role for the Constitution, but I'm the extremist?

Yes you are! Ugh.

Politicians openly talk of the Fairness Doctrine — or its ugly twin, "localism" — and curtailing my free speech, but I'm the extremist?

They do? That thing was old news when they stopped using it back in 1987. Sounds to me though you're more afraid of competition with your free speech. Which would also explain why you and your team seem to vilify the blogs so much.

Unions and big labor politicians want to take away the right to a secret ballot, but I'm the extremist?

How so? It's still there, they simply added a step to vote for whether there should be one or just go straight to the union vote.

I believe in the Constitution. I believe in the Founding Fathers. I believe in the American people. When did believing those things make someone — anyone — an extremist?

Good then read the Constitution a bunch of history books. I'm an American do you believe in me too? And it never has made anyone an extremist that's you inventing some bullshit panic "us vs. them" stuff to charge people up. Oh and I'm guessing you havent read those history books I spoke of yet so I will just remind you that believing in those things made our Founding Father's a bunch of extremists if you were BRITISH!!! You dolt. Eye-the-beholder stuff here *smack*.

I'm not the extremist.

Oh. I thought you just said you were ... So are you a non-extremist then? That seems pretty extreme to me.

I learned something from a lawyer friend of mine who won lots of cases in front of judges and lawyers — I asked him how he won so many cases. He said it's easy: If the law supports my client's position I argue the law. If not, I argue the facts. If the facts don't support my client's position, I just attack the opposition.

They can't attack the message, so I guess they have to target the messenger.

I learned something from the waiter in the fabulous movie "Victor Victoria" -- "... it's a moron who argues with a horses ass." so on that note I am shutting up now.


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    His analysis of the networks on here are hilarious.

  2. You're allowed to watch The Daily Show?!


  3. Yeah, that's the only way I balance my extreme-o-meter. With all the Fox News and Conservative AM Radio I take in every day, they would send agents after me. : )