Monday, April 27, 2009

Goodbye Pontiac

GM has officially announced the end of the Pontiac line of cars, saying that they will be fully phased out by 2010. I, for one, am glad to see it go. While I have owned one Pontiac in the past and enjoyed it, I certainly didnt buy it because it was a Pontiac and I'm glad I dont have it anymore.

Pontiac's model line is one of the things that also confused me with what GM was doing with their cars. So many of the Pontiac's were duplicates of other cars that were made under the Chevy brand or other ones. And while I understand the concept of uni-body designs to cut down on production costs, it really doesnt seem to make sense to me to have 12 different names for basically the same cars.

Now you may be wondering why there's a picture of an Native American on this post. Well if you didnt know the name "Pontiac" comes from an Anglo-saxon slang version of the Native American Chief Obwandiyag. They started calling him Pontiac because they couldnt pronounce his name or be bothered to try to I guess while they were stealing all his land and mass slaughtering his people. It's also ironic to note that Chief Obwandiyag is probably best known for leading a massive unsuccessful attack against Fort Detroit.

Hopefully once GM gets all settled down again they will introduce a new brand to replace Pontiac. Maybe they can call it Uncle Tom or Sambo. Now presenting the Sambo Melon G5 Coupe new for 2015.

Oh and mark my words, GM will file for bankruptcy protection in June.


  1. Bleh. Bailouts. Bleh. Change the subject. Hehehe.

    I had a 97 Grand Am (remember, it got smashed when I worked with you guys?) that ran and ran and ran. Never had a problem with it, aside from overdriving a few cheap alternators with my stereo system. My wife had a Grand Am that had problem after problem and, as we speak, is sitting in my driveway for going on 3 years with a dead motor.

    Pontiac was a good name back in the years of the GTO, but since has become synonymous with crap, the way I see it, so maybe this will prune off a portion of GM like a dead branch. Man, I wish these bailouts would go away. Bleh. So long, capitalism. Hello Government motors.

    Bleh. Time to spank the monkey.

  2. The only reason I agree with the bailouts is to keep all those millions of employees working. The economy couldnt take a hit like that even in good times.

    If it wasnt for that I would say let them go completely out-of-business.

    Also it's not the government's fault that GM needs our money to help keep them up. It's GM's fault.

    Truth be told I wish the government would make GM give any of their plants they are closing down to the dozens of other (very) small car manufacturers in the US that make great cars too, like Tesla to help them along into the big leagues.

  3. BTW, remember how much fun to change the spark plugs on your old Grand Am was?

  4. Depends on what 'couldn't take a hit like that' means to you. I don't want to start another big political debate, but I would venture to guess that between the bailouts and the hideous stimulus turd we are going to be much worse off than if we'd just let a few big businesses collapse or be re-organized. Not only are we spending buttloads of money, we're artificially pulling the bottom out of our economy, which is having a rippling effect of "where's my handout"-itis. Bleh. Bailouts bad. More than a handful of family members and close friends of mine have lost jobs as a result of the downturn - I don't like to see anyone struggle, but at some point you've got to step back and look at things from a distance and quit being so damned short-sighted. If it takes a million people losing jobs and a few years of struggling to get back on our feet, so be it. But what we're doing now is like taking out 15 credit cards to pay your mortgage instead of moving into a smaller house. It's nuts. Bleh. Bailouts bad...

    I just can't warm up with the idea of the Government 'making' more of the private sector do anything more than they already do. Bleh.

  5. Yeah, I remember the spark plugs deal... They had to flip the whole engine over to get to them or something retarded.

    My Grand Prix was just as bad - you had to remove the entire friggin washer fluid reservoir to get the battery out, and trying to jump start it was a hilariously stupid feat of dexterity. Epic dumb.

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