Thursday, March 05, 2009

7.5 days and counting

I have officially been free of caffeine for 7.5 days. I drank my last Mt. Dew sometime last Tuesday.

I gotta say it's been pretty damn easy. No headaches or other noticeable withdrawal issues.

My new chosen drink is Sierra Mist, which has less sugar too.


  1. Wow good for you man, I hear that's tough to stay away from. I started drinking diet pop a while back and it sucked for a while but now drinking regular pop is like smoking crack, the sugar is like... whoa...

  2. I switched to diet awhile back, until I found out the aspartame shit in it was giving me SEVERE headaches.

    That stuff is messed up.

  3. I'm one of those people that aspartame tastes almost bitter to. Its weird, and not even really that sweet to me.
    I've been on straight black coffee for quite a few years now and that's my caffeine delivery system of choice.