Wednesday, March 18, 2009

China's last eunuch spills sex secrets

China's last eunuch spills sex secrets

Okay so I click on the link for that headline not really expecting what to read in the article but it sounded like a nice enough diversion and a chance to learn things about a people and culture that I dont know much about.

But nothing, nothing could have prepared me for the first sentence of the article...

BEIJING (Reuters) - Only two memories brought tears to Sun Yaoting's eyes in old age -- the day his father cut off his genitals, and the day his family threw away the pickled remains that should have made him a whole man again at death.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pet Shop Boys New Album

I am super psyched for this new album. I love this first track.

The new album "Yes" drops on March 23rd.

I need a new hobby...

I was watching a documentary on Burning Man and I think I might get into some fire twirling/eating kinda stuff. That seems cool.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Golden Girls House

The outside model used in the shots of the house in the series was part of the backstage studio tour ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios. This façade — along with the Empty Nest house — was among those destroyed in Summer 2003, as Disney bulldozed the homes of "Residential Street" to make room for its "Lights, Motors, Action!" attraction.

The façade was reportedly based on a real home in or near Pacific Palisades, California. The real house was seen in the first season's exterior shots. It was after this that the model was built at Walt Disney World.


7.5 days and counting

I have officially been free of caffeine for 7.5 days. I drank my last Mt. Dew sometime last Tuesday.

I gotta say it's been pretty damn easy. No headaches or other noticeable withdrawal issues.

My new chosen drink is Sierra Mist, which has less sugar too.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bananarama or Marylin Manson?

Are these lyrics from a Bananarama song or a Marylin Manson song?

Last night, I was dreaming
I was locked in a prison cell
When I woke up, I was screaming
Calling out your name

And the judge and the jury
They all put the blame on me
They wouldn't go for my story
They wouldn't hear my plea

And dont cheat and use Google. Vote in the comments.