Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where's the beef?

So we've become a little obsessed at work for watching people in the ice and snow to see if they wreck their car or slip and fall. We refer to it as someone "beefing it". And now you can join into the fun too.

Print off the official Beef It score card for your friends and everyone can chip in a dollar for a score card and at a future date, everyone turns in their points and the winner gets the cash!


Beefing it Official Score Card

Boy or Girl (0 to 10 years) 3 points
Boy or Girl (10 to 18 years) 5 points
Adult Man or Woman 5 points
Eldery Man or Woman 10 points

Beef Bonuses:
Inappropriately Dressed for the conditions +2 points
At work or doing their job +2 points
Carrying something bigger than a bread box +5 points
Their beef caused someone else to beef x2 modifier
They beefed again trying to get up from the first beef +7 points
Their beef required an emergency workers assistance +12 points
A driver beefed in his car or truck +5 points
A driver beefed in his car or truck and totaled it +10 points
You saw blood from their beef x5 modifier
They were knocked unconscious x10 modifier
They died from the beef x50 modifier

Beef 1: _____
Beef 2: _____
Beef 3: _____
Beef 4: _____
Beef 5: _____
Beef 6: _____
Beef 7: _____
Beef 8: _____
Beef 9: _____
Beef 10: _____ Congrats on 10 Beefs add 10 points to your grand total.

TOTAL: _____

Example: If you see an old lady fall down on the ice, you get 10 points. If she then falls down again trying to get back up, add 7 points (17 total). And if her head starts spewing blood from the second beef, then you get to multiply that by 5 for a grand total of 85 points!

You might also want to designate a Beeferee to make final judgement calls on certain beefs and point totals, he would also be the best person to keep track of the winnings for everyone.

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