Friday, January 02, 2009

Welcome to 2009!

Well we've made it onto this side of a new year and all seems well enough. Strange the way people expect such radical shifts with the passing of each new year.

At any rate, I've been trying, over the last few years, to let go of hating things for no good reason and learning to not become aggravated by certain things. Although that would be hard to tell by some of my rants, but it's true - I'm trying to let a lot of the negativity in my life go and to that end I need you're help.

If you know me at all you know I hate Sony and Apple for various reasons. Some good, some not good and finally some just because I'm stubborn. To that end I want you, dear readers, to VOTE on which company I should finally stop hating so much, if not entirely. I will also now consider them a valid option when purchasing products that they make and end my boycott of their company.

Please post a comment with your vote and, if you want, a reason why you are voting the way you are voting that way.

So who should I stop hating?


I will let the voting go on for about a week and close it around 1/7/2009.


  1. My personal vote is for Sony.

  2. I vote for Sony also. They make great laptops IMO. And not hating Apple is like not hating to be stabbed in the penis with a red hot crochet needle while rabid beavers build a dam in your colon with pine needles and rats chew off your nipples. It's pretty much impossible.

    I have never known a person to buy a mac and not become an annoying 'mac person'. A guy I work with bought one and swore up and down - he was the last person I would imagine to become a mac person. He hunts, listens to heavy metal, rides four wheelers, owns a motor cycle and a vast collection of t-shirt hell clothing. MAC disease is wholly incurable. His coffin will probably have a damn Apple logo on it. Bleh.

    I vote for Sony.

  3. I vote for Sony, as well.

    They make other electronics except for the Gaystations. (Haha, that's funny.)

    Plus, apples can be sour. ;)

  4. Eh.
    I'm torn.
    I want to vote for Sony so Mr. Microsofty McFanboy can't rant about Sony.
    But on the other hand, having Cory un-boycott Apple would be legen... wait for it.... DARY!!! Oh yeah!
    So uh...

    I vote for both. Stop hatin.
    If you don't like em, don't buy em, that is the way I am trying to do it in tha '09.

    I just watched the Documentary "Heckler" last night, and they were talking about hecklers, critics, and bloggers (mostly from a stand up point of view) and how people spit hate and vitriol to no end, when they could just say "Hey I don't like it, here are a couple constructive reasons why" and end their argument there. But instead we tend to write 3 page rants about how X should die because we don't like their product/movie/show/music/whatever.
    Anyways, I'm trying to stop that shit, unless I have a legit gripe (Like having to send my xbox360 back 6 times), then I'm stoping the hate.

  5. Wow 6 times? That's amazing for a system you never play. ;)

  6. Especially since I don't even own one.
    But my friend at work does, and just got his back for like the 4th time, hopefully the last if it has the new drive and crap.

  7. There once was a man from nantucket...

  8. who's x-box 360's drive just said fuck-it.

  9. He pulled out his hair, then he boxed it with care..

  10. Choose your own Poem Adventure (tm):

    1) Then Bill Gates sent it back, said "We don't care"

    2) When the xbox came back, he hooked it up and stared...
    If you choose two, please complete the limerick in the next comment