Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Watching History LIVE

I'm at home watching the Presidential Inaguration live right now.

This is an amazing thing to watch in HD. Too bad, the NBC channel's sound has an extreme whistle feedback in it :P

At any rate, sometime this week, I am going to finally cancel all my cable service. Just dont watch anything on TV anymore and Time Warner doesnt carry enough HD channels to really care about.


  1. Uhhh don't ask about the chain of events that brought me across this. But i would suggest not clicking This link

  2. Well it was better than Spider-man 3 at least. Although that's not saying much.

  3. hahaha
    remember back when I got a copy of poser?
    I found some of those pictures awhile back.

  4. My major beef with that the movie I linked, is the fucking disregard for canon. Why would the flash ever blow spiderman? It's a completely different universe. Sure occasionally the lines between the two may blur, and you have a little Marvel Vs. Dc action, but you expect me to believe that Wally West vibrated his way into the Marvel universe just to take a shot in the mouth from spiderman? I call fucking organic webspinners on this shit.

    And since when did spidey have a convenient penis hole in his outfit? And I don't remember flash sporting that fucking Super Mario mustache. This shit reeks of Sam Raimi.

  5. I feel that I should post this the greatest wrestling finisher ever, after my last link.