Friday, January 09, 2009

Look what I just bought!

WOOOO! *passes out*

Although I am still a little miffed at B.O. for the Rev. Warren pick for the innaguration.


  1. Seriously?
    You paid money for that?

    Phil Jimenez is an excellent artist. Too bad he only did the cover, which is the picture you should have posted. The hacks who drew the picture you posted deserve to go back to the livejournal hell they came from and return to drawing slashfiction and furry pr0n.

    Seriously. I know for a fact my son can draw a better spiderman then that, and I bet if I asked him he could draw a better O*d*B (sic) if I asked him.

    What the fuck. Did Doc Ock squash Spideys head when he was a baby? Did I miss some crazy RetCon?

    And I am pretty sure thats not Obama. That is Black Skeletor!

  2. Oh wait.
    Judging by the ridge on his forehead, Peter Parker is no longer spiderman.

    It is now Worf.

  3. I'm sorry. I take back that last comment, its obviously the love child of Worf and Bruce Campbell.

    Either that his face is splitting in two in revolt of how awfully he was drawn.

    ARgh, bad spidey art makes jon angry! Jon smash!

    Wtf is up with his shoulder? Is he wearing shoulder pads now?

  4. New years resolution be damned!

    OK. So the offending "artist" is Todd Nauck.

    He is one multi-talented son of a bitch,
    Here are his Modded Lego minifigs
    I think this Thing is my favorite

    His work on Teen Titan's isn't horrible. Derivative, but not horrible.

  5. Upon further contemplation, I ask myself, What the fuck is wrong with his fingers?

  6. LOL! Wow. Jon has Spiderman Tourettes.

  7. Sweet fancy moses joel, did you look at the lego shit?

  8. HAHAHA! Yeah I love those! Man it's great that my kids are so into legos, I'm reliving my youth again.

  9. Oh yeah, my boy is huge into legos. He got the giant Indiana Jones set for Christmas from my mom, and he put the whole thing together by himself within a day.