Thursday, January 08, 2009

Great film.

I just got this movie from Netflix and was half-tempted to reseal it and just send it back. I've been off the documentary kick for awhile and wanted to move onto better things in my queue (like Golden Girls series 3) - I'm very glad that I took the time to watch this film.

If you are a practicing Christian of any sort, or not, but you feel that you derive even a small portion of your spiritual concepts from The Bible, then I highly suggest you take the time to watch this movie.

The movie details how religious leaders have taken portions of The Bible and have used them to demonize people being gay. It covers their incorrect assumptions on the things they read in The Bible, as well as their ability to accept certain passages as the literal word of God, but completely disregard other ones that read just as literally. It also explores how this impacts several families and how the parents came to terms (or not) with having a religious upbringing that degraded and demonized gay people and then having a gay child.

It's an amazing look at this whole concept thru fresh eyes and different perspectives and helped clarify and understand some things I didnt even realize I was confused on. Just a good watch overall.

Movie: For the Bible tells me so


  1. Oh boy.


    did you watch the "proposition 9, the musical" thing I posted a few weeks back. It was pretty funny, and had Jack Black as Jesus.

  2. Yay, it's a movie using different interpretations of the bible to debunk other different interpretations of the bible. Hehehe...

    The fact is, you can twist nearly any scripture to say anything you want. That is why it's important for Chrisitians to get under a 'covering' where you are taught from the entire bible, not just one that cherrypicks scriptures and puts their own spin on them.

    Also, there are some very fundamental principles and teachings from the bible that undercut a lot of the slants that are put on scripture and used to excuse some very hateful beliefs and behaviors. Examples: Love your enemies, cast the first stone, etc.

    Still interesting though - we have free will for a reason, I think it is always good to consider the other side of an issue open minded-ly and what not.

    Unless you're gay, in which case you will burn in hell. Just kidding. Hehehe. I am so funny.

  3. The line about Leviticus having the bit about shellfish being an abomination had me googling, and I found this:

  4. Watch the movie first before you write it off.

    I find it interesting that the "cast the first stone" story isnt even in the original and oldest texts of the Bible and showed up sometime around the 12th century and no one knows who wrote it or how it got there.

  5. Read all of Leviticus. Some VERY good stuff in there for the people who are prone to literal interpretations of the Bible.