Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eye Surgery

On Tuesday the 2nd, I will be having my corneal transplant. So if you dont hear from me for a bit or whatever that's why.

I will try to post my progress and any gross pictures I can get of it.

Wish me luck!


  1. Tuesday is the 3rd. If you're talking about February.

    But, that's not important. What is, however, is that you get your eye fixed. It's about time, too. You'll finally be able to see everything outside of tunnel vision and finally grasp on to how amazing I really am. =)

    Good luck, Cory!! =D

  2. Cool I hope you don't get a haunted eyeball like in that movie. That would suck. : )

    I'll be prayin for ya homie. Take it easy.

  3. Yeah Tuesday the 3rd.

    If you want to see some sick shit you should youtube search up some cornea transplant videos.

    Yuck. I better be all the way out and not wake up thru the sedative they are going to give me like I did during my wisdom tooth removal.

  4. Ugh you woke up during wisdom teeth? That is awful. I can't imagine. Bleh.

  5. They knocked you out to have your wisdom teeth removed?!

    In the Navy, they wouldn't even give me any gas. They just shot me full of Novocaine and left me on my way.

  6. Good luck!

    Did you put in a request for them to upgrade you to bionic eyes?

    I'm sure with advances in technology, this should not cost anywhere near 6 million dollars.