Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Odd shoplifting

AP: NAPLES, Fla. - An X-ray marked the spot for southwest Florida police who say a teenager swallowed a $16 pair of earrings after taking them from a JCPenney store at a mall.

Authorities say William Colburn faces charges that include retail theft and tampering with evidence.

Naples Police say the 18-year-old was in the store on Saturday when security saw him remove the earrings from a box, drop them into a bottle of water and leave without paying.

When a security officer approached him outside the store, authorities say the teenager drank the water, swallowing the earrings.

Police said Monday the X-ray confirmed the earrings were inside him. A police spokesman didn't know whether the suspect required medical treatment for having swallowed the earrings.

Police do not know if he has an attorney. A phone listing for Colburn couldn't be found.


I find this just a bit odd. So the security guard saw him put the earrings in the water bottle and then stood by him as he drank the water bottle and the earrings, yet they still X-rayed him. So the price of taking him into the hospital and using the X-ray machine to do this was worth it for this pair of $16 earrings. The only thing I can come up with is that they mistook the kid for Chris Angel and thought that he was pulling some weird magic trick.


  1. I think when people get weird objects stuck inside of them (Especially metal ones), they should have to have a MRI done instead of x-rays. Think that guy will shove the matchbox car up his butt again?

  2. My favorite is the peanut butter jar. I mean story, not my favorite thing to lodge in my colon. Also I must admit I have a rather accommodating colon.

    Bah, I just had a flashback to when Cory was talking about what he would do if he had a Vagina. Wow.

  3. Those were the days.

    I would have the worlds coolest vagina.

  4. I think we need a new blog post about what you would do if you had a vagina.

  5. It would require video. I am game.

  6. You guys watch this video yet?
    I thought it was pretty funny
    Proposition 8 - the musical

  7. Bow... Chicka bow bow bownow bow bow...

  8. haha is that a subtle hint I need to post more? lol

  9. Yes, it's filling my insides with rage!

  10. I know I need to post more. But I am stupid busy right now with work and the holidays.

    Ugh. Hopefully soon.

  11. Negus, please... Oh man watch it until the end, hehe.. Whee!

  12. Fuck nero and their bullshit.
    Use CDBurnerXPPro.
    And ImgBurn if you need it to do some funky stuff like burn images really slow.
    But mostly CDBXPP

  13. Yeah Nero blows hard. I thought I would give it one last try.

    It wouldnt be so bad if you could just ONLY install the Normal Nero straight up burning part without some of the extras, but you can only strip it down so much.

    It's like one more program away from being it's own Operating System.

  14. Man where the heck is global warming when you need it?! I stood out on the back porch emptying out all the aerosol cans in my house. Come on everybody, do your part! It's freezing! Heheh