Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Well it's all over...

Well it's all over. We've elected a new President. I'm so amazingly happy and just sorta still dumbstroke over all of it. What an amazing time to be alive to see something like this and to be a part of it was something I'll never forget.

Now I just gotta figure out what to do with the 40-60 hours a week I gave to the campaign now. Well I guess I could finally tear into Fable 2.

Oh and I got a new phone. My Samsung i760 wouldnt do an Active Sync over-the-air and after trying everything I called Verizon and I guess there's an issue with them losing data signals and just flaking out on the signal so they've recalled it.

They said they'd replace it with an XV6900 but yuck. No wifi, no slide-out keyboard. The folks at the Verizon store hooked me up with the XV6800 and I gotta say so far I actually am liking it a LOT better than the i760 so far. It's a very nice phone and with having Zimbra at work and all the stuff server-side, flipping phones is super damn easy now. Wooo. And I got Windows Mobile 6.1 updated on it and the GPS hacked to work with anything on the phone now like Windows Live Search.


  1. It all just came to me today, in fact.

    It's over. Just last week I was dying for it to finally end, but now that it has, I wish I could still be out there talking to voters. I was tempted to call Alex for a canvass packet. =P

    It's kind of sad. I met a ton of awesome people, I probably wont see for a long time or ever. I'm going to be going into the Peace Corps for 2 years, completely leaving what I have here behind. It's all coming faster and faster each day.

    I wish I would've buckled up in the past few months when I had the chance.

  2. So you sure you like the 6800 better? When can I come play with it? I am still in love with my 760 though my cradle doesn work for crap through my port replicator with Vista. Bleh... Vista blows hard.

    If only I could to t9en on my 760... There are so many times I would love to be able to send a quick txt without using both hands.

    Cory - have you checked out skyfire yet? Its so great, I posted this with it. Hehehe man I think I can type faster on this thing than most people can type on a keyboard! I don't even have to look at the keyboard most of the time. Hehehe

  3. Yeah I like the 6800 a lot better so far. The keyboard on it is a lot more spacious.

    And Skyfire is amazing. Thanks for recommending that and that MyMobiler thingie too.

    And Jordan, you have a lot life left and a lot more needs to be done. There's always more. :)