Friday, November 14, 2008

Verizon XV6800

So as some of you may have read, my Samsung i760 crapped out on me (signal wise at different times) and after speaking with a Verizon tech, I found out they are recalling the phone.

So I had to go to our local Verizon Corporate store (which is normally a nightmare of 18 hour waiting followed by a sensation similar to salt being rubbed into your eyes) to get my phone replaced.

The lady on the phone initially said they would replace it with the new XV6900, but upon closer inspection I realized the only other phone they offered that matched the feature set of the i760 was the XV6800. I was a bit worried to switch phones because I was quite happy with the i760 and thought it was doing a good job at everything I was doing. Boy was I wrong.

What I like about the XV6800 over the i760:
  • It's faster. The CPU is slower, but this thing is a lot more responsive.
  • They keyboard is more logical and has great extra keys and good alt function controls.
  • it has a rotary thumb button
  • hardware buttons are more logically placed and a LOT harder to accidentally push
  • the power/data jack is mini-USB
  • It has an IR port if you want to goof with that
  • It's very simple to enable the true GPS on it so you can use it with Microsoft Live Search or Google Maps (even with the phone radio off)
  • way more sensitive touch screen - you can actually use your fingertip for the tiny on screen keyboard if you want
  • Extra stylus and a screen protector is included in the box
  • Camera has a flash
  • Software, software, software ...
The standard install of software on this phone (including phone setting software) is heads and shoulders above the i760. Some notables:
  • Adobe Reader Lite
  • Modem Link
  • Way better MMS software (night and day difference here)
  • Built-in App Killer/multi-app kill interface based off the "X" button
  • Built-in ZIP software
  • Sliding Sound control
  • Clear Storage App to easily wipe the phone
  • Better Key Lock management
  • Text Message Options for threaded or not (with WinMo 6.1 firmware update)
  • "Comm Manager" allows for control of certain phone and communications functions all in one spot
  • Access to all program control for hardware button assignment
Now for the drawbacks:
  • No automatic voice dialing, you have to train the system and assign values to it
  • the back battery cover is really thin and feels cheap and flimsy when removed
  • the slide out keyboard key clicks are a little mushier than the i760 but not super bad
  • no numeric hard keys (not that big of a deal after the first day or so though)
  • When fully open the top half wobbles a bit, not much
  • no 2.5mm headphone port. Instead you get a little mini-USB "Y" dongle (not a huge problem)


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