Tuesday, November 18, 2008

O, Holy Night the Cross is Brightly Shining!

This year the American Family Association is selling the light-up Christmas cross for your yard or porch.

I'm sure this will be a big hit with KKK members who are into holiday yard kitsch.

From the site:

"Looking for an effective way to express your Christian faith this Christmas season to honor our Lord Jesus? Now you can.... with the "Original Christmas Cross" yard decoration."

So let me see, there is a need for a way for people to express their Christian faith this Christmas? Isnt the point of Christmas the celebration and expression of your Christian faith? I mean sure there's all the pagan influences and the focus on giving and getting gifts, but Christ is in the name.

Thankfully this is the "Original Christmas Cross". You wouldnt want to get home to find that you bought a fake Christmas Cross. Wait this Christmas Cross ... it's hooked at the top and has an arrow at the bottom. OMG - it's the symbol Prince used! We've been had! *shakes fist*

Unless they meant that this was a facsimile of the "original" cross, you know the one that was used to kill Christ? Remember that one? I just dont get this cross fascination. At least not everyone uses the one with a statue of Jesus actually hanging on it.

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