Thursday, October 02, 2008

Homer and Electronic Voting


  1. ROFL! Hey I wrote that software!

    Nothing like the Simpsons, heheh...

  2. Hey Joel, that video was pretty sweet when I posted it in the last series of comments.
    Way to jack my shit!
    Its on!!!

  3. Lmao. I love this video.

    Especially the women with the strong Minnesota accent, she cracks me up.

    And the fact that the young girl who says Palin has more expierence than all of them combined, but then the other women clearly says "..she hasn't been tainted by Washington."

    Which to me sounds like...

    Well, I think you understand.

  4. Ehhh... We really don't want to start an Obama supporters vs. McCain supporters comparison do we?

    Yay for CHANGE!

    "I think fundamental change is gonna be something you're going to see in some areas and there's going to be incremental change in some places. Regardless of the issue, there's going to be a collective voice speaking of what's going to be happening in these different arenas, and I think that's what Barack will bring will, will fill a void in our current Democracy."

    But seriously... He is really accomplished.

    This just in...

  5. By the way Jon, both of your links in the last thread were to the same video. : )

  6. God damn fucking firefox on vista!!
    sons of a bitch.
    The first link was obviously supposed to be the don't vote video.
    Does anyone else have copy and paste issues with FF3 on vista??
    I don't run that bullshit OS at home, but I recently upgraded at work, so we have a test machine to test vista crap out on.
    I fucking hate it...

  7. I've been using Vista for about 8 months. I haven't had that problem. I do like how explorer crashes almost daily. That's a neat little feature. Other than that I don't have any problems with it.

  8. Yeah, I cannot reliably copy/paste/use any right click menu in FF3 in vista, its a nice feature.

    Todd Diamond teaches you about economics!
    Episode 1: Money
    Episode 2: Oil
    Episode 3: Bailouts

  9. this happened to me before

  10. Were you able to fix it..
    I mean, without going back to XP?

  11. Hey Cory how many homeless people have you convinced to vote for Obama?

    Wheee! Sppppinn the planet!!!

  12. That was a joke by the way. I realize you wouldn't stoop to that level Cory. : )

    Sad to see what people will do to get support. Just like the crap that happened in '04. Bleh.

    I'm ready for the 2012 election already. heheh

  13. yes fixed, er well patched so I can escape anyway

    if (votingMachine == imminentDeathMode)