Wednesday, October 08, 2008

ABC News with Charlie Gibson stops in Wapak

Yesterday the ABC News Tour Bus stopped in Wapakoneta (the town I work in) on their 50 states in 50 days tour.

As you can see from the video it was pretty quick and fairly pointless as they didnt leave much in the discussion. What you cant tell from the video is that the bus is driving down a street that doesnt even appear to be in Wapak and it stopped in some parking lot that is no where near the Cloud 9 cafe.

What really happened was is that the bus pulled up in front of the Cloud 9 (you can see it a bit thru the window outside) and blocked the whole front of the cafe. Then they setup barricades on the sidewalk so you couldnt walk past the cafe or get into the cafe at all while they were doing this. Also they look like they're in the cafe chatting, which technically they are, but Charlie Gibson is literally sitting just a few inches inside the front door. I dont know if they thought things would go crazy and they'd have to pull him out or what.

The rumor also is that the guy they talked to to get people in there is a big McCain supporter and he tried to stack the resteruant with McCain people. Some guy was wondering around with a "McCain / Palin" shirt on trying to get in on the situation.

If they would have actually shown outside the cafe at all you would have seen the HUGE Obama logo I painted in the office on the opposite corner.


  1. Charlie Gibson is lucky they parked the bus in front of the cloud nine. I had my sniper rifle set up in the break room just waiting for a clean shot of ole' Charlie.

  2. Did I just see a black helicopter?

  3. where the hell is the cloud 9?

  4. It's across the street from the old Koneta restaurant.

  5. ah, the koneta.

    now that brings back some memories.

  6. Yeah memories of people falling asleep while I was talking during our tech meetings. LOL. The good ol' days. Their buns are MASSIVE!