Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Republican Convention

I just watched Rudy's speech and Governor Palin's speech. Yes the entire speech. I really cant believe Rudy's speech at all. Wow. I cant believe his ability to stand and graze past the facts so many times simply for applause.

I dont really have the energy to comment on Gov. Palin's speech right now. I cant really think of anything that I agree with or liked ... what are all your thoughts?


  1. Did you see Palin's kid lick her hand and fix the baby's hair? That was the cutest thing I have ever seen. : )

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  5. LOL!

    Well obviously Cory you know I enjoyed the convention so I won't gush about it. I'm sure people said some factually questionable crap and I'm sure it will be picked apart and people will call Rudy out on every little detail, like his forgetting to mention that Obama can tie his shoes with his eyes closed.

    I think Biden's response on the Today show this morning was very telling. The first thing he said, which is what just about every Liberal talking head said after the speech, was about how it's not going to do anything for the American Middle class who is broken down and losing their house and their dog has rabies and they just had six babies and their old boss came to their house and crapped all over the porch and they tried to mop it up and slipped and broke their hip and can't afford healthcare because of George Bush.

    ITS A DAMN SPEECH! For someone supporting Obama to say a convention speech was great but it won't fix anything is insane to me. He has built an entire career doing just that - giving speeches that don't change anything. Don't get me wrong, it is great to be inspirational and all, but let's be real. Obama makes a lot of vague promises but hasn't really accomplished much of anything.

  6. My biggest complaint about the speeches last night from Thompson, Lieberman, Rudy and Palin (I didnt get a chance to catch Huckabee and that's the one I really wanted to see) was that it was so cynical and divisive.

    It seemed to be a night of we're right, we've always been right, we're the only ones that will be right from here on out and if you arent with us on those concepts then you arent a good enough American in our eyes.

    I'm really tired of that in politics. There were some speakers at the DNC that got close to stuff like that but for the most part they were normal citizens saying it on stage (with maybe the exception of Gov. Schweitzer he was pretty us vs. them).

    I'm obviously not the target market for their convention and speeches, but trying to look beyond that I just didnt like the tone of last night. *shrugs*

  7. Cory Cory Cory... Please tell me you are willing to admit that your candidate, for whom you are putting in so much of your time and energy, is most definitely included, if not at the very top, of this divisive classification. I think Obama is more divisive than anyone in the race, by his own words.

    Please tell me when your candidate compared Russia's invasion of Georgia to the United States invading Iraq that it bothered you just a little. Or that when he said the it is embarrassing because Americans can't speak foreign languages and that we all need to teach our Children Spanish that something inside you didn't go "What the hell did he just say?".

    I will agree that last night was divisive. VERY divisive. Because there are VERY stark differences between the candidates we will be voting for in a few months. It was divisive in it's contrast of liberal and conservative policies, of bigger government vs. smaller. Contrasts of the perception Obama has created of himself and the real man behind the glim and glamor.

    Obama has built an entire campaign on celebrating the failures of our country. He is playing the emotions of down-and-out Americans that have been spoon-fed negativity for so long that they have lost touch with the greatness of the American way. People who are willing to settle for a bigger government because they don't believe in themselves enough to think they can make it without it.

    Plus he is a big weiner.

  8. I dont think he's all that divisive unless you agree with George Bush and think America had a great past 8 years, then I guess that would land you square in the "them" of his discussions.

    I'm not bothered by the thought of him comparing the Georgian invasion to us invading Iraq. Super big country imposing it's military might on a smaller nearly defenseless nation and killing a bunch of them. Yeah they sound pretty similar to me. I mean at least you could make the argument that Georgia sort of attacked them first (forgetting August 07) so on that term then the analogy couldnt be further from the truth since Iraq never attacked us, but we slaughtered them for a perceived sense of guilt by association (or geography).

    I seem to keep apologizing to you for things. So instead of breaking with tradition let me be the first to apologize that Sen. Obama would like your child to learn something. You're right, that was just too far. How can he even show his face?

    No the Democrats can be divisive in their own right and they can play to their base and show the clear differences like any political party can. But that wasnt the spirit of last night. Last night, what I took away, was a negativity, a hatred, an indiscriminate lashing out and it didnt work for me. But like I said before I'm not the guy they're trying to give wood too.

    hehe ;)

  9. I definitely wouldn't say the last 8 years have been great, or that Bush hasn't tremendously bungled up some things.

    The comparison he drew to our invasion of Iraq was awful. When many many other countries are sharply criticizing them and it is very clearly a slaughter of Georgians, civilians and otherwise, regardless of why it started, I don't see how this self-defeatist comment accomplished anything other than fuel the image of American being a big mean country, which is far from reality. Wow that was a big run-on sentence. Apparently I need to learn English. The statements goes much deeper than just the Bush Administration in it's characterization of America.

    I will choose if my child learns Spanish. It is not embarassing at all we don't know foreign languages. If I lived in Europe and every country around me spoke a different language it would be more practical to need to learn another language. The fact is most Americans will never need to speak a foreign language. I will NOT be told by a president that my kids 'need' to learn Spanish. Bleh.

    That picture. Whoa! (keanu reeves style) HAHAHA!!!

    Now tell me you're sorry bitch!

  10. I'm sorry that bug up your ass is slowly dying. hehe

    I think the internet is killing my grammar. I've always had a problem of writing how I speak and I'm constantly straining to stay grammatically correct and am always failing. :P

    20 years from now we'll all be speaking in acronyms and sly pop references anyway. hehe

    I think he was mentioning Spanish as a good example of one that would be appropriate for us to learn here in America, as opposed to Icelandic (which I still think isnt an actual language and they just make it up on the fly and pretend as a huge inside joke on the rest of the world).

    Here at work we pay for people to go to school to learn Spanish as there are more and more Spanish speaking Americans. Go home tonight and check your shampoo bottle, etc.

  11. Yeah that is a huge pet peeve of mine. The whole having things in a bajillion languages thing, press 1 for english, blah blah blah. Please don't convince me that this is just the way the world is going and we need to keep up with the times and welcome in this crap.

    English is still our national language. We welcome in ANYONE from ANYWHERE to join our great nation and live a free prosperous life. I don't think it's too much to ask to expect them to learn our language.

    Seriously doesn't it irritate you when you get your nice new stereo system and you get this massive manual and you're like SWEET I can look through this obviously detailed manual and learn so much about my stereo. Then you find out the manual is 2 pages long, but it's in 14 languages. BLAH. I HATE that! Hahaha

    Maybe I am just old fashioned. By the way, it I think it is a millipede.

  12. I totally got the willies when you said millipede!

    You agree with Barack more than you think ;)

  13. Oh I'm sure there are areas where I would agree with him. I don't have anything personal against him, I just thing he is totally wrong for America because of his economic plans and lack of concrete experience. I'm not afraid of agreeing with him if he says something that makes sense.