Friday, September 19, 2008

My Friend Joel

I have a friend named Joel. He's a regular on my blog comments. I've known him for years. Him and I love to argue and debate. I love that about him.

I love that he and I can disagree totally and still go back and forth and be the better for it. I cant actually think of a single time that one of us have convinced the other to change our position on something, but personally I've always felt the better and smarter after one of our "debates". Joel's a smart guy and I respect that.

Joel has an enormous faith in his savior Jesus Christ. And while I dont share his faith, I think his faith has been a positive influence on my life. He has shown me that you can be strong in faith in an intangible force and be the better for it and not squander it or use it to control someone else.

I have a friend named Joel and I am very thankful that I do.


  1. These are the joels I know I know. These are the joels I know.

  2. ....

    Oh God, I've gone crosseyed.

  3. One of these things is not like the other...

    Soooo... Isn't this kinda devaluing Obama's use of his running a campaign as being experience that prepares him to lead the country, when he can't keep his VP candidate's mouth shut?

  4. I love when the Youtube people cut it right off as he's going to explain his reasoning.

    I wouldnt want to keep my VP's mouth shut. I would want him to form and express his own opinions on things.

    Should we go thru the list of stuff McCain doesnt agree with Palin on? Oh wait, he does agree with all of them NOW.

  5. ehhh... You don't think you would want to stop your vp from saying your own campaign ads are terrible? I sure would. remember, this is politics. Having your own opinions is a completely different thing than undermining you own campaign ads.

  6. Ok, Cory, to be fair, Here is the entire interview.

    The question that my previous clip was from starts at 3:15. See what you missed? Obama COMPLETELY dodges the question, and switches the focus to a slam on McCain's record, then says that is what people don't like about politics. It is a VERY typical Obama reaction - if he doesn't want to answer a question he shifts the focus onto something else and belittles the question. Once you see it for what it is, if you ask me, I think the shorter clip is better. Better to just shut up then try to patronize the American People into believing that they really don't care about what you say.

    This is where I take issue with Obama. His arrogance, and his patronization when he doesn't want to answer a question. I am going to expect to see a whole lot of this during the debates. : )

  7. Defective Yeti's predictions for the election.

  8. Holy CRAP Obama was in Happy Gilmore?! I am SO rethinking my stance....

  9. From

    Develop and Deploy Clean Coal Technology.

    From Joe Biden:

    We're not supporting clean coal

    Maybe Obama needs to get him one of those shock collars or something? We're not supporting cl****BZZZOTTT*** Aaaaahhhuuufffff course we're supporting clean coal.

    Biden in Virginia a few days ago:

    “You know we have enough coal in the United States of America to meet out needs domestically for the better part of the next hundred to 200 years,” Biden said before launching into a critique of McCain’s energy priorities, slamming his support for billions in tax breaks for oil companies as the industry rakes in record profits.

    “Imagine ... what Barack and I can do taking that $4 billion … and investing it in coal gasification, finding out what we can do with carbon sequestration, finding out how we can burn the coal that you dig that can free us from being dependent on foreign oil countries and at the same time not ruin the environment. That’s within our capacity to do it, if you give me $4 billion I promise you, I promise you we will find the answer,” Biden said.


  10. You guys should get married, it's legal in some places i guess.

  11. Yeah we do kinda act like a married couple I guess. hehehe