Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain Campaign's Sexism Claims

This blows out any claims of sexism by the McCain Campaign when people talk about or try to ask questions about Gov. Sarah Palin.

Think it's just a redirect to the site from someone else? Well you'd be wrong the McCain Campaign owns the domain and is apparently using it.


  1. LOL. That is funny. Needs http:// in your linkage there Cory...

  2. Bleh, button pressed. : )

    Man what the hell happened on capitol hill today? Somebody have a case of the Mondays or what?! I don't know what is dumber, Pelosi's speech before the vote or the Republicans blaming her speech for the bill getting shot down. This is crazy.

    Then Barack stands and critiques the situation from a distance, having contributing absolutely nothing to the problem. He just keeps bantering about how we shouldn't be where we are.

    Bleh. Where the hell is the restart button?

  3. ..... Wow. Killer Bees fly out of my eye sockets.

  4. Actually that was supposed to be nipples. In a related story, my anus is bleeding.

  5. You mean like this?

    Thats one of my favorite things on the internet still, after all these years

  6. I own, is there anything wrong with that?