Thursday, September 11, 2008

A look at McCain Ads


  1. Yeah that first ad was a nasty. Though I have to say, the Obama campaign took the opportunity for another foot blasting moment when their spokesman responded with this:

    "Last week, John McCain told Time magazine he couldn’t define what honor was. Now we know why."

    Which is ironic because Obama just finished a recent tirade where he kept accusing McCain of questioning his patriotism. Now Obama's campaign spokesman comes out and says McCain doesn't know what honor is.

    I really don't see that big of a difference as far as one campaign stooping lower than the other, it's just a different kind of stooping. McCain has released a string of nasty ads, and Obama prefers to sneak his jabs in on the campaign trail, and makes them more subtle and sneaky.

    There is plenty of misleading crap in the video you posted too. For instance, T. Boone Pickens released another ad recently saying "drill, drill drill". He says we can't get out of our situation by drilling alone, which is the same thing McCain and just about every other drill-here-drill-now proponent says.

    Also equating voting against a bill providing armor to troops to not supporting them is like not supporting americans because you don't vote for a tax cut. There could have been many reasons these bills were unsuitable.

  2. So...
    Did the fedex guy call you a baby killer today?

  3. No the FedEx guy didnt have my neighbors sign for my package (which I later found out that Microsoft requested that only someone at my address can sign for it). But then they are delivering it from Ft. Wayne, so I cant even go pick it up unless I want to waste the time and gas to go there to get it. UPS would have just thrown it thru my window and left. I love UPS.

    The baby killer thing ... someone that my mom and I know (hardcore right-wing-nut neocon) sent out one of her classic mass forwarded emails to my mom saying something to the affect that Democrats have a problem with killing our enemies but no problem with killing our babies.

    Fucking seriously pissed me off.

  4. What we really need to know is if there were Dinosaurs on the earth 4000 years ago.

  5. One of my friends suggested I take my family to the creationism museum, because I was planning a trip to the Newport Aquarium..

    I think Spore is a great argument for evolution. Because if nothing else, fucking with things evolution is hella fun.
    You know God was like..
    "Ok.. Let me try slapping this duck beak piece on this mammal . Oh fuck thats great."

    Also, in Spore last night, I befriended a sentient race of cow people...

  6. I wouldn't know.

    *sobs uncontrollably*

    Damn you Jon. hehehe

    I am going to pick up my copy very soon. Can't wait!

  7. And, did you read the entire email?
    Maybe it was a joke, and you never got to the punchline.

    "If by babies you mean a big greasy pizza, ZING!"

    "If by killing, you mean KILLING WITH KINDNESS!! Wahhh wah wah"

  8. The most awkward moment in politics, well... EVER.

    Man that would suck. It just kept getting worse too. Poor guy.