Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm still alive

I'm working furiously for the campaign we had (and are having) several events this week.

If you're interested in watching the first debate on a REALLY big screen, let me know and I can hook you up.

Obama/Biden '08


  1. Cory - what are your thoughts on delaying the debate? I am kinda torn - I was exciting about the debate but we are really in a crisis right now and I think McCain and Obama's input needs to be included in whatever solution we can come up with. China just halted loans to US banks. This is kinda crazy time for Politicking, isn't it?

  2. The debate isnt postponed. The head of the Presidential Debate Commission said it's a go and I agree with Barack - they have jets - they can fly down and do the debate and go back if needed. Barack will be there, so I guess it's up to McCain if he wants to show up or not.

    Secondly, the country has elected members of congress and the President to take care of stuff like this. Two more Senators are not going to help all that much by physically being there. They have an office there with staff in the office doing the leg work. Neither of them sit on an committees dealing with this, so I'm not sure what McCain thinks he's going to be able to do other than help reel in more votes which he could also do by phone.

    This is a stunt pure and simple. They fly around the country all the time and they dont have to make big announcements and stir up drama by suspending their campaigns and things like this to handle this issue or any other.

    I also think that if Gov. Palin is so adept that she could handle McCain's campaign stuff while he goes back to DC. But they decided to fully suspend it. Crazy.

    We're a big country and have other problems going on right now besides this and the President will have to handle all of these things.

    I also think it sets a dangerous president that only real legislating will happen during election cycles.

    I will be watching the debate Friday night as planned, I just hope McCain shows up.

  3. *precedent not president btw.

  4. Well, Bill Clinton thinks them refocusing is a good idea. I don't really think it's a stunt. McCain pulled his ads and everything. If it is a stunt I think it's pretty stupid and risky.

    I think Washington needs to be VERY focused right now on this issue. I think if McCain and Obama have been by their parties and are perceived to be fit to lead the country, they should be actively a part of this process.

    So anyway, just wanted to get your take on it. I am looking forward to the debated. My 42" plasma will be big enough I guess. What are you going to be doing? You have an uber big TV or something?

  5. Also, I think I saw a putty tat.

  6. Oh, also... In a related story, PETA HAS LOST THEIR MINDS. Blefreakingech.

    Imagine the new flavor possibilities! Boob-Berry Cheesecake! Cherry nipple souffle! Awesome Areola Fudge Suprise!

  7. I just cant see how this plays out good for McCain. He cant do a debate and focus on the economy at the same time?

    Wouldnt a better to go back to DC and say, let's postpone the debate till Monday night. We'll do it at Georgetown instead and this one will be the Economic one instead of the Foreign Policy one.

    No I think the plan is to delay this first one so it somehow will bump the VP debate and help there too.

    I was going to watch it in HD on my 50" at home but at the campaign HQ we got the big 8 foot screen setup. It's pretty nice - you can watch it from clear across the street. hehe

  8. Mental Note: Dont buy that gallon of Awesome Areola Fudge Suprise for the debate watch party.

  9. So, you guys watch Letterman last night?

    In other news. I just killed a jumping spider on my desk after a good hour back and forth between myself and said spider. I AM the great white hunter.

  10. I dunno Cory. The more I think about it, the more this could be very well be viewed as a Political Stunt. It does do something good for McCain because people frankly hate politicians and to perceive that one of them has actually stopped his campaign because there is such a major crisis may inspire some more people that were undecided into believing that McCain isn't your average Politician.

    Watching that Letterman clip was pretty hilarious. The fact that he skipped on Dave and was getting ready to do another interview. Man Dave Letterman cracks me up.

    So anyway, I don't know that it's going to be that damaging to his campaign. I am going to be curious to see what happens tomorrow.

  11. I dont care who you side with or what your thoughts are on elections, politics or whatever - everyone has to agree that this election has been CRAZY.

    Every week it seems like it's something new - it has almost officially boggled my mind.

    I have a conference call with the campaign tonight about this at 6:30 so I should know more then. But officially it's coming out that Obama will be in Mississippi and if McCain is then they will debate, if not then he will do a one-on-one with Jim Lehrer or do a town-hall meeting with the audience that is there. I guess the ultimate decision isnt up to him, but the debate commission and now the Gov. of Mississippi have both said that this thing is happening.

  12. I REALLY REALLY hope they dont try some stunt where they have John McCain via satellite with Barack actually there in person. Especially if they try to kajigger the monitor behind McCain's podium.

    At the very least I think McCain has a responsibility to the American people to send a stunt double. Then when the camera is on him they can shoot from far back and then when he's asked a question he can just run around a do crazy flips or dodge a car that comes crashing thru for no reason and stuff like that.

  13. Ok. So I have finally decided who. I am going to vote for.

    The choice is clear!

  14. Ugh this is getting sad ... 35 minutes ago the committees announced there was a deal reached (in closed door sessions). And no telling how long McCain was actually even in the building, but even Rep. Boehner said "Who knows?" when asked if McCain would be able to do anything with this.

    So now the Republican Caucus isnt sure they might agree and McCain still says he's not debating. From the AP: >>McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said: "There’s no deal until there’s a deal."

    He said McCain was optimistic an agreement between Congress and the Bush administration would be completed but that the afternoon developments had not changed his plans not to debate. <<

    *sigh* How much more grandstanding could he possibly try to eek out of this?


  15. Hey, how about Obama debates Biden tomorrow? Hehehe

  16. He freaking better grow some testis and be there!

    I just called a shit-ton of people today to invite them to our Debate Watch Party! When 32 confirmed quests get ruthlessly upset with me, because of a failure, I'll become unhinged. But, I did just save a ton of money on my car insurance by switching to Giaco.

  17. How about Biden wrestles Palin in a steel cage match!

  18. Hrm... I pick Palin. Do they get weapons?