Thursday, September 04, 2008

I love Jon Stewart

I want to kiss his face and pat his head.


  1. I too love Jon Stewart. He keeps things in perspective I think. It is good to not be too serious all the time and laugh at ourselves. Even laughing sometimes when it hurts, hehehe...

    Man I love this country.

  2. He is definitely our modern day jester - able to tell the truth and get away with it.

    And I almost fell off the couch when he said that about the stadium in Denver ejaculating. That was great. :)

  3. LOL! Yeah I loved that.

    Man, can you believe Obama is going on Oreilly's show tonight? Of all the shows... It's going to be crazy either way. I have never been an Oreilly fan, he comes off too much like the Anti-Olbermann to me. Kinda like Rush Limbaugh too - though I agree with a lot what he says, the arrogance gets a little thick at times.

  4. I read on the internet that Jon Stewart eats babies and punches nuns.

    No one is as they seem.

  5. Wow.

    Hey did you see that almost as many people watched the Palin speech as Obama's? Holy crap that is crazy. I knew it was highly anticipated but that is pretty crazy.

  6. It'll be interesting to see when the ratings are in.

  7. I watched the Palin speech with the sound from Obama's.

    I found it the best mix.

    Then I watched Obama's speech with the soundtrack from 'Hook' over it.

  8. Palin / McCain '08!

    Meh. Palin should have given the last speech. After last night, I am officially back to voting AGAINST Obama again instead of for McCain.


    He did stir people up last night but man... Some of the stuff he said... Erg...

  9. Yeah I agree. He was a little, well all over the place.

    I'm a Maverick, but I'm one of you, but you should know we all need to change the way we do business, but we should do it like all the people that did stuff before us did stuff oh and while we're at it we should have the government help us get off oil, but we need to shrink government to get out of our lives.

    I think he did a much better job with the delivery than he has in the past that's for sure. But honestly I dont see this speech really doing much for the base or the undecided voters. I think he sort of stalled out with this one.

    My favorite part was the line "... she's (Gov. Palin) helped run a small business. She's worked with her hands and knows -- and knows what it's like to worry about mortgage payments ..."

    I dont know if the teleprompter was scrolling up but he paused after "knows" and not before it and it came out sounding like "She's worked with her hands and nose."

  10. Yeah, it was a good speech _for McCain_. Otherwise... Meh. Speeches aren't everything but still. Meh. hehehe

    I can't believe we are 8 weeks away from the election. This is crazy.

  11. Yeah. Crazy huh?

    60 days left
    25 days till you can early vote in Ohio
    31 days left to register in Ohio

    Either way it goes a part of me (mainly the sleep deprived and frazzled part) will be glad it's all over.