Monday, September 08, 2008

And the final reason I will never buy an iPod

Apple Admits British Man Invented iPod in 1979, Uses Him to Win Patent Lawsuit

And they havent given him a dime except to pay him for his time that he went and spoke at their trial for the patent lawsuit.

Apple - you suck.


  1. LOL! Only steve jobs could look himself in the mirror again after telling someone else "we didn't steal the idea from you, we stole it from this guy". Hahah!

    Apple is a big corn filled turd.

  2. *loads the VCR with his copy of Pirates of Silicon Valley*


    Didn't Mr. Gates use questionable practices while designing some of the key features of many of his products?

    I'm not going to attempt to play Apple up to be some saint that's never done anything wrong. But don't pretend like Microsoft has never done this type of thing either.

    I love my iPod. I'll buy another iPod.

    Sure it crashes, sure it's a pain in the ass sometimes. But then so is Windows and I'm not complaining about that.

    If your Zune *snicker* works fine for you, then that's just dandy. But let's try not to start a "Fanboy" flame war here.

    This is where you and Joel get to fight it out over who's political whore is going to be next president.

    So, that being said.....McCain sucks!


  3. I wasnt starting a fanboy thing. Just simple statement that I dont like how Apple does business, so I wont be giving them any of my money.

    My Zune is actually on its way back from the repair center right now. I think the battery crapped out. Which is why I hate anything with a non-replaceable battery.

    And McCain does suck. :) The thing is Joel knows it too. He's not voting for McCain he's voting against Obama.

  4. your Zune's battery crapped out before any of my 3 iPod's battery?!

    That's priceless!

    i seem to remember back when i mentioned i first picked up an iPod you made some comment about how you hope i enjoy it for the first 6 months or whatever before the battery is trashed.

    and now your Zune's battery dies before any of mine, that's awesome!!!

    ok. ok. i'll stop trying to rub it in. it's technology, and technology fails periodically.

    i mean, look at how many 360's you had to go through before you found one that didn't sound like a jet taking off when the game spun up.

    oh wait, that's another Microsoft product. oops.

    shit, did it again :)

    Sorry man.

    so, how's that Churro?

  5. I think it was the battery. Not really sure *shrugs*. I cant do any diagnostics on it so I can just assume.

    And I said that about the battery since Apple has a had bad luck finging good batteries and since you cant replace them yourself which I think is a failure in design of anything that is like this. Specifically a device that can be used in hot environments which will speed up the thermal-runaway for the battery.

    Since Microsoft didnt make the drives in the 360 that's not their fault. What is their fault is letting those loud ass drives in the 360 in the first place AND not replacing the system as specifically described in their warranty remedy section.

  6. McCain does not suck. He blows.

  7. Ok guys, I just got off the phone with the newspaper, they have stopped the presses.
    Wait till you see the headline!
    "Big business does shifty things and screws over the little guy"

    This is going to be big!!!

  8. Unfortunately most of the newspapers are also own by big businesses too and screw us little guys, although I took your meaning. ;)

  9. When do I get to be screwed? I am feeling left out. : (

  10. They are announcing the new iPod's as we speak. Get inline...

  11. OooooOOOooooo... Dood I work with has a nano. It's actually kinda neat. Though I feel like I'm going to break it in half when I hold it in my hand.

  12. I love my 8GB nano. The only problem I've ever had with it is it seems to lock up if I plug it into my computer while it's booting. But it's easily unlocked.

    i rented a couple movies through itunes for our latest trip up to NY to see the mom-in-law and it really worked fairly well. the screen is a little small, but what do you expect from something named "nano"?

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  14. CORY...

    Not to thrust this gripping comment thread back into Politics but what the HELL is going on with Obama's campaign? I figure you are sorta an insider so maybe you got the memo that went out that gave you a heads up that Obama is going to completely destroy his odds at winning the presidency.

    I was looking forward to a good race but watching this crazy chronic self foot shooting disorder is such a killjoy. It's like scoring against your big brother in a basketball game and then finding out he put a bunch of fireants in his jock strap. I almost want to start rooting for Obama now because he's becoming the underdog.

  15. Are you talking about the "lipstick on a pig" comment?

  16. That and Biden saying Hillary was a better pick and Obama all but telling Oreilly that he is in favor of incoming redistribution.

    I was all like "look, Obama is slipping up now that he's unscripted", but some of this stuff I am really suprised to hear. I don't get it.

    Obviously he wasn't talking about Palin with the lipstick comment, I'm not that naive. But what did he think people would think?! The crowd he was addressing drew the connection before the phrase even left his mouth. If it was part of the planned speech, his speech advisors are crazy. If he thought it would be a good thing to say he is nuts.

    Anyway, I guess I am just kinda suprised. He's a brilliant guy, and a great speaker, he just seems to be shooting himself in the foot a lot lately I guess.

    This isn't a bash Obama thing, I just wanted to get your thoughts on it. Let's be real, he's pretty new to the national political scene. Maybe jitters? What is Biden's excuse? Weird...

    Man I just listened to a playback of Glenn Beck's show from 9/11/01. It's like walking through a time portal. What a day that was... I can still remember sitting there with all you guys and no one knew what to think, and all the news sites were going down because they were getting hit so hard.