Friday, August 29, 2008


Are you kidding me? Are you absolutely kidding me? This is who he picked? Wow. I am seriously shocked and flabbergasted. Yes faithful readers, my flabber has been officially gasted.

How can you try to make the case that Senator Barack Obama doesnt have enough experience and then pick Governor Sarah Palin? She's been on city council, then was mayor and now is on her first term as Governor of Alaska. I gotta tell you there's a serious doubt if McCain is healthy enough to undertake this job (which I honestly hope is not the case for several reasons) and if he's not then you have President Palin who has less experience than Senator Obama.

Senator McCain is trailing Barack by almost 4 points in Alaska, but if she makes up that margin for him - Alaska only has 3 Electoral Votes.

She is no Hillary Clinton. If he was going for the women's vote and trying to snarf votes from bitter Hillary supporters this does not do it for you, not by a long shot.

I cant see how this wont be seen as 1) a political stunt and 2) a choice of the what's left over and not the best choice (oh god I'm starting a list of thoughts within a list of thoughts - I'm a madman!).

I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt that she was a good pick for this, but for right now I cant see it and I think John McCain and the Republicans will have a very tough time with explaining who she is, and why she's the best pick - especially to their base.



  1. She was a GREAT pick. She's a conservative, pro life, and has LEADERSHIP experience. Even in her first term, she has had to appoint a cabinet and lead an administration. From my perspective, she has everything McCain was missing that had me concerned. She was appointed to head up an ethics committee and walked off the job after sharply criticizing the GOPs she worked with. She appears to have balls (pun intended), conviction and ethics. You're right, she is no Hillary. Thank God.

    You really should look up her acceptance speech from earlier.

    I may actually be able to feel good about voting for McCain!

    Man, Hillary must be PISSED. lol!

  2. Another reason she was a great pick: Palin will be WAY more relatable to the average American woman than hillary was.

    She also has a son shipping off to Iraq next month.

    I can't wait to learn more about her. Oh, and she's hot too. : )

  3. If McCain wins, Tina Fey has got to be psyched about this lady's looks. hehe

    I'm not going to mention the fact that she's under investigation for firing a state employee. Or does that count as just mentioning it?

    I'm curious why you capitalized the word "leadership". Can you explain? I'm assuming your contrasting her "leadership" to someone else's. Can you explain?

  4. I'm continuing on your contrasting her leadership to Obamas. Even needing to compare a Vice President's leadership to your candidate (he still loses by the way) is silly to me.

    The investigation is way preliminary. I am sure we will be learning a LOT about this fairly unknown Governor in the coming weeks. It's exciting!

    Man, I totally didn't even think about the Tina Fey thing. HAHAH! That is awesome. : )

  5. The investigation is something about a messy breakup between her sister and a state trooper. Oddly enough, I heard about it right away on a CONSERVATIVE AM RADIO TALK SHOW this morning. Which is weird because I've heard somewhere that those programs are one sided. Weird.

  6. You should also read what she said about her youngest baby, who was born with Down Syndrome. It was very inspiring.

  7. Joel I think you've gone crazy. hehe

  8. Why? This woman sat on a board audited Oil companies in Arkansas. She found corruption and complained. She was told to be quiet or she would be fined. She didn't. She went public, got corrupt REPUBLICAN officials kicked out of office. Then she ran against the corrupt Governor and won. Now she has an approval rate over 90%. She's a hero in Alaska.

    She a fresh face with strong convictions. She is WAY more relate-able to the average american than anyone else in the running.

    What is there, other than her stands which you obviously don't agree with, not to like?

    I know it's early and there is much more to find out about this woman. But what I see so far looks awesome. I am so relieve it wasn't Lieberman. LOL!

  9. Man apparently my grammatical structure goes in the crapper when I get excited. Hah!

  10. I dont have the time to get into ALL the reasons I dont think she'd make a good vice president right now. I will, just cant right now.

    But while I work on my list, I have one question for you: Why is she better than any of the other people he could have chose?

  11. I should have totally seen this coming to tell you the truth. Not this specific chick mind you, but with political minds nothing more than glorified marketing people in my mind (and i hate marketing people BTW) and since pretty much no one in the country has any creativity left in them (except Cory. You are a creative genius in my mind) it was only a matter of time before someone in McCain's camp decided that this should be the year to have a female VP.

    i mean, i see the meeting going something like this:

    "ok, so we need to find the best way to take votes from obama? any suggestions?"

    "ooooh! I know I know!"

    "Go simons."

    "Ok! follow me on this one. Dem's, they got the first black candidate. How can we beat that? How about we give them the first woman vp?"



    "Great job simons! run with it and get me the numbers as soon as you can. Just make sure she's hot and got a TV presense. Preferable someone that could be his grand daughter."

    (hehe. just threw that in piss off joel)

    seriously though, I should have totally seen this coming.

    Coming next season, the blind deaf candidate with the quadruple amputee running mate. Stay tuned!

  12. I'm not naive enough to think that her gender wasn't considered an important part of the selection process. Obama's use of his race to set himself aside for shallow reasons makes me not feel so guilty about that. But there seems to be much more draw to her than that she is a woman. She is a hunter, an active mother. She is REAL, which I don't see from any of the other candidates in the running.

    She is the Governor of the state that wants us to drill within it's borders (one of the main reasons Alaska joined the union was for it's resources and now we aren't using them) and our Environmentalist-phobic Politicians in DC won't do it. That is another big reason I am excited.

    She appears to be VERY unconventional. This is going to devalue a big part of the remainer of Obama's "difference", not that most people see him as any less sleazy of a politician as we're used to seeing.

    So anyway, I can't really say if she is better, because I basically just met her Friday. : )

  13. The bad thing is, John McCain just met her Friday as well.

    Obama is an active father and Michelle, an active mother. The only thing Palin may be active in her children lives is teaching them that hating gays, thinking polar bears are, i guess, just wanting attention and really aren't extinct, is OK.

    I don't remember Obama ever using a 'race' card to further himself to where he's at. I believe he uses logic, intelligent plans, and empathy for American people.

  14. I never said Obama and Michelle weren't active parents. I said it is one of many of the 'down to earth' qualities that I think will draw a lot of people to Palin. You really think the average American relates to Michelle Obama with her racy statements she keeps having to explain? Or Obama's questionable affiliations and the disillusionment now that we all know he's as much a politician as Mr. Amtrack Biden, who spends $200 to ride a train to DC everyday and somehow that makes him not like every other politician in Washington? Bleh...

    Polar Bears are not extinct. Have you been to the zoo lately? Heheh. : P

    Palin is fighting Bush on listing Polar Bears as an endangered species because there isn't enough evidence they are endangered, and a listing would be used by extremist environmentalists to continue to irrationally block drilling for oil in Alaska. Polar Bear populations in Alaska have been climbing for decades. It's just like the Porcubine Caribou BS.

    You should really listen to Obama's numerous campaign speeches where he made the "They're gonna tell you he's got a funny name, he doesn't look like all those other people on the dollar bills, oh and did I mention he's black" statements. I find it sickening. I don't know how you can rationally defend a statement like that.

    These attacks are all out of the Olbermann / Matthews Lib playbook. Man, and you guys pester me about Fox News...

  15. And that downs baby..
    It may not be hers

    *cue dramatic gopher clip*

  16. POS Comments won't let me embed the clip. Commie bastards.

  17. Oh snap. Yeah I've been reading that stuff too. Taking it with a grain of salt now, but I'm so glad you brought it up so I can post this, because I LOL'ed so hard at it.

  18. Yeah, her 17 year old daughter is pregnant. That's where the BS about the downs baby not being hers came from. The pictures are misdated, the baby is hers, and her daughter is 5 months pregnant.

  19. Yeah when I saw that stuff I thought, okay here we go with this crap. All the important stuff has been fixed so we have to talk about this bullshit.

    It's a pretty interesting set of events of how she actually gave birth to Trig. And that Decision Making flowchart is funny as shit.

    As far as Bristol being pregnant now, I dont care if she is or not personally. However I do think it's relevant as far as that she supports an Abstinence Only program to be taught in public schools and this brings the failure of that sort of education to the fore-front.

    That and it brings to light just how closely she was vetted by the McCain people. I'm actually starting to think she was on the big list and he wanted Lieberman, but the RNC State Chairs put the kibosh down on that and so he picked her as a big "fuck you" to them to prove that he could win the election with anyone. *shrugs* Could be wrong, but there's something(s) more to him picking her than thinking she was the most qualified person for the role.

  20. Well let me start off by saying that Lieberman would have been total campaign suicide. Many McCain supporters (me included) were very hesitant to throw their support behind his campain, and choosing Lieberman would have alienated a crapload of people. It would have been a disaster.

    As far as the vetting, it is really hard for me to believe that they didn't already know about Palin's daughter. Also, I think a vast majority of the country isn't going to give a crap. Making some sort of hypocrisy issue out of it is ridiculous. What, so her daughter did something she didn't agree with so suddenly she shouldn't stand for it any more? Didn't you do anything that your mother wouldn't have approved of? Does that make her a bad mother? That is stupid. Obama even said his mother had him when she was 18, so was his grandmother to blame? Obama came out of a wacked out crazy family situation. You wouldn't draw that correlation - people make mistakes, and you can only place so much blame on the parents, especially for someone that is a year from being an adult.

    As far as your last thoughts... I don't think that is the case at all. McCain has never had that sort of advantage. If anything, Obama has been the one with the advantage, due to the current state of affairs in washington, his change mantra, and the popularity of Bush / Republican bashing these days. Only one candidate is arrogant enough to talk about how he is going to remodel the white house. ; )

    Give it some time. In the next few weeks we're going to learn a LOT more about Palin. I'm really excited to see how the whole thing unfolds.

  21. Here's another thing about Palin. Critics keep bringing up how no one knows who she is. If she ends up being the core conservative and reformer she claims to be, this is going to be another big advantage. A lot of people are watching very closely to find out about Palin, no doubt about that. There would never have been this much attention placed on Biden. By the time election day comes, people are going to know Palin a lot better on average than Biden. This could be another big plus for McCain.

  22. I didnt say she was a bad mother at all. I'm just saying it's apparent by every published study and her own daughter's womb that Abstinence Only education doesnt work.

    I actually feel sorry for Bristol. 17 and 5 months pregnant and now EVERYONE in the world knows.

  23. Yeah, pity her daughter has to be punished by a pregnancy, right?

    Meh. We don't need to teach kids how to properly have sex and hand them condoms either. We need to teach them that if they have sex and get pregnant that their life as they know it is changed forever. Why do you think there are so many talk shows with scared straight type scenarios giving teens a taste of life with an infant?

    And by 'we', I mean PARENTS. What the hell happened to responsibility in this country? Many teenagers now have so many alternatives to dealing with their problems that there's no reason for them to consider not creating the problems in the first place. Now it's a school's job to teach kids life lessons? The impotence of parents with this mindset makes me insane. You can't spank your kids, and you're having to consider whether punishing them is emotional abuse. We can't let them lose on the soccer field, or get an F in a class because they will have a crisis. Right, like there is no failure in real life. Your kid goes to school to get knowledge, and social skills. By the time they get to school, a majority of their moral compass HAS BEEN SET by their parents. Period. I don't really think it matters so much what is taught in school at that point, but I sure as hell don't want them giving my kids condoms in school. That's idiotic.

    I frankly don't know what the solution is now that we are where we are. Maybe we just start over on Mars or something.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that Bristol knew what she was doing was wrong. She also has the morals and conviction to know that aborting that baby would have been wrong also, and that she will have to live with the consequences and stresses of being a young parent. I can't rationalize blaming this on Palin, or even considering it as any sign that she is not genuine in her belief in teaching children to make the right decisions. In fact, I believe what appears to be a strong, morally sound family, has instilled in her the confidence and moral capability to raise a wonderful child.

  24. I didnt say she was being punished by this pregnancy. I think she's going to be unfairly stressed and to some degree punished by having a mother who knew this would come up in national debate to expose her pregnant child to it anyway. That's what I think is unfair and totally out of Bristol's control and I feel sorry for her for that.

    And I'm glad to hear you speak on the side of pro-choice as well. This is the whole point she chose to keep the child, her family chose to help her thru this and that is one of the most beautiful and respectable things that can happen when a child becomes pregnant and that's what should happen and that (along with not getting pregnant in the first place) should be encouraged by parents and assisted by the government. But the sole solution, as you have said, cannot come from the government.

  25. Yes I know you didn't say anything about a pregnancy being a punishment. Your candidate did - About the prospect of his own daughters being PUNISHED by a BABY or an STD if they made a mistake and had sex. Every time I hear that audio clip it drives me insane. How life can ever be spoke us as a punishment, listed alongside of a disease, is beyond me.

    You don't really think I am pro-choice do you? hehehe.

    It shouldn't be a choice. It is a choice because it is legal to kill an unborn child, sadly, for any reason, including convenience. Now this is not to say I am totally against reasonable ends to pregnancy when the mother's life is in jeopardy or in rape or
    incest cases.

    Why would it make any sense for teenagers to take the prospect of having to raise a child as a serious consequence to sex if they know they can just abort the pregnancy?

    You don't think it would have been agonizing for her daughter to know she is the reason her mother gave up the opportunity to run for Vice President of the United States? You don't think they had that conversation?

  26. I agree with Joel.
    We shouldn't be teaching kids how to properly have sex.

    We should teach them to make Looooovveeeeeeee..

  27. *Dims the lights and turns up the Barry White*

    Yyyyyeaahhh baby. I'm diggin those Hanna Montana tennis shoes you wearin... Ohhhh yeahhh.

  28. Wow ... maybe it's time to turn off the comment system on my blog. lol