Friday, August 01, 2008

Rich Cordray & I at the fair

Had a great time working the Democrats booth at the Auglaize County Fair. While I was there yesterday I met with Rich Cordray. He's the Treaurer of Ohio and is running for Attorney General this year. He's done some great work. Check him out @


  1. I heard Rich Cordray was a major proponent of the expansion of research in organic webspinners.

  2. That's it. I'm writing a bush in this year.. Is his son old enough to be president yet?

  3. w00t MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. hehehe

  4. Step 1 - Make up funny organic webspinner stuff
    Step 2 - ???
    Step 3 - Profit!

  5. Hahah Jon that is awesome. Hey I had a baby by the way. : )

  6. Congratulations! We got Numero Tres on the way ourselves. Should be poppin out the vay-jay-jay about second week of october.
    Whats the childs stats??

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Sweet!

    He is +5 strength, +3 stamina and +7 in organic web spinning.

    : )

    9 lbs 12 oz., 21"
    C-Section. Big Dood. : D

  9. Thank you for giving birth to my nemesis.

  10. You think Bush's recent conversation with NASA went something like this:

    NASA guy: "Sir, we've confirmed the existance of water, and percholates on mars."

    Bush: "Mars... perchlorates...?
    Why do these perch have lorates?
    Aren't they some kind of fish?
    Are you telling me Mars has ... some kind of... space fish?"

  11. wow.. way to misspell that the first time jackass..

  12. haha nice.

    Ya know shit's really going to hit the fan when they REALLY find (if they havent already) proof of life or former life on Mars.

    Life not wholly contained on God's Earth. The religious right will have a field day with that. The majority of God's followers will think, "God created everything and can put life anywhere and we are his unique and chosen children." And the rest of us will say, "hmmm."

    *Note: There may be slight bleed over in those groups.

  13. A very awesome Sci-fi series I read recently did a awesome job of reconciling religion and life on other planets.
    It's called Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke (And the following three novels by Gentry Lee)
    Very very good series, quite heavy on the science.

  14. I like turtles.

    I just bought Order Up for the Wii today. It's horrible crazy addictive. w00t w00t

  15. I'm thinking of buying that shooting game that just came out on wiiware.
    You got anything good? We should hook up and play online.. Maybe some MArio Kart, or SuperSmashBros!

  16. Lost Winds is very cool (wiiware), but too short. Can't really complain for $10... You talking about the blastworks game or what?

    Not real big on mario bros brawl, I rented it a while back. I will definitely get mariokart. Super Paper Mario, Mario Galaxy, Lego Indiana Jones, Trauma Center: New Blood, and Transformers are all on my to-buy list. Good stuff.

    I was dissapointed with the online stuffs for the wii at first - I'm glad to see they have some games that offer realtime online multiplayer.

  17. skip transformers man.. it was a piece of crap on every platform.
    I really wish either of the lego games had online multi..
    the game I'm talking about is Wild West Guns, game out on wiiware this week.
    The trivia game isn't too bad for 10 bucks either, same with the Dr. Mario game, with online play..

  18. Actually I rented Transformers for the kids a while back and thought it was pretty decent. They probably logged about 36 hours on it over 5 days. I liked that you could transform back and forth at will and the fighting was pretty cool.

    Mannnn I can't wait for Spore.....