Monday, August 11, 2008

Fact Check: More Tax Deception


  1. ding ding ding!






  2. Well it is obvious that no one else around here has the guts to address this issue, so I will bring it to light.

    McCain is proposing several plans to put a slushy machine in the home of every middle class family in America. This would provide a cool refreshing icy treat, day or night.

    I think it is time that Obama answers the tough questions. Senator Obama, where do you stand on slushy machines?

  3. I agree that there are some very misleading Anti-Obama stuffs going around (this ad definitely included). Sadly, this has become a typical part of politics, it happens in every election. That doesn't make it any less unfortunate, but it is what it is, and it is good that there is an avenue for people to find out the truth about both candidates.

    That being said (you know I couldn't just leave it there), I do think it's important to point out that McCain's tax plan makes more sense than Obama's, when you're looking at it from an overall economic impact. Obama's cuts are directed more at the majority of Americans, which is great, but adding more penalty to big business and upper class, who carries a massive majority of the tax burden, and cutting taxes for the lower class seems to be nothing more than a political tactic to gain support. It could have a dangerous effect on an already unstable economy. Big businesses, further burdened and regulated domestically, will more more operations overseas. Look at what happens when the rich are targeted with tax hikes locally - they move. America will never benefit by punishing success.

    You have to admit, it's kinda an unfair fight for McCain. Obama is able to predict what his opposition is going to judge him on before they even do it. Any day now, all of his opposition is going to start pointing out how he is young, has a funny name, looks different, is black, etc. Any day now... Then we will all have to ask ourselves. What would we have done if he hadn't mentioned it?

    There is no spoon.

  4. You forgot the question of if he's too skinny or not.

  5. Joel! I refuse to let you tarnish my political ideals and rebrand them as McCain's.
    This is a outrage, you know the slushy machine issue is one of my major sounding boards in my upcoming electoral battle against Obama, Paris Hilton, and McCain.

    Remember america! Vote early, and vote often!

    err.. I think that is how it works right?

  6. Wait..
    Obama is black?

  7. Ok, cat's out of the bag. My son found your undies on the street and we've been talking about you all week.

  8. Yeah, sorry about that. I was fighting gigantic robots and accidently got my underoos explodified off..