Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dog's Love people playing Wii


  1. Ehhh... That was weird.

    From now on the dog goes in the cage. lol

  2. While doing voter outreach you begin to see why it's effective and necessary anymore to plaster the name of the guy all over the place.

    Take the other day during canvasing for example:

    Us: "Who are you voting for this year?"
    Voter: "I'm voting for John McCain."
    Us: "Oh okay, I'll mark that down. What's your biggest issue this election?"
    Voter: "I really want the troops to come home from Iraq right away."
    Us: *blink* "Um."
    Voter: *blank stare*

  3. Wow. Hehehe. That is a little scary.

    As critical as this election is, it seems like there are more uninformed people than ever rallying behind a candidate, there are either Obama supporters drumming unspecifically for 'Change' and McCain supporters that just plain don't like (or trust) Obama.

    Hopefully people watch the debates and take the time to really pay attention to where the candidates stand, and hopefully they don't both end up bending to appease to the point where there isn't a noticeable difference between them any more.

  4. I want to know where the candidates stand on the important issues, like:
    - Making Steak and Blowjob day an official holiday.
    - Banning the use of organic web spinners, its just a sad slippery slope
    - Making Sam Raimi stop making crappy organic web spinning spiderman movies and get him making Evil Dead 4. (yeah.. I heard the rumors last week from comicon)
    - Integrating as the homepage on every PC in the world.
    - Capital punishment for RickRollers!!!
    - Making all of everyone elses bases belong to us.
    - Changing our electoral system to a like moderation system.

  5. Hooray!
    I promise not to lie about any WMDs, BLTs, Or BBQWTFs.
    I promise not to "get up in the guts" of any interns.
    I promise that I will institute a LOLCat version of both the declaration of independence and the Pledge of Allegiance. (I can Has arms)
    All this and more can be yours if you vote for me!

  6. Will you throw in a free slushy machine?

  7. No joel.. that's just ridiculous.

    But I will lobby to have giant community slushy machines installed in every town, and then piping put in to deliver them directly to a tap in your kitchen.

  8. Plus, if we paid the slushy conglomerates that much money, Corey would have to rail against them too.. and no one wants to hate slushies..

  9. What kind of monster could hate slushies? They're like furries. Only you drink them.

  10. instead of yiff them?