Friday, August 15, 2008

Baracky II


  1. 1st - That was some funny shit right there!

    2nd - you'll post that, but i send you a screenshot of WoW with two toon's named Obama and Mcain and you immediately send Line #4 from the naming policy? hehe.

    Lighten up and enjoy the funny.

    /waits for the black hole to open up....

  2. Which server do you guys play on?
    The guys at work are trying to convince me to come back to wow..

  3. McCain looks great with a Mohawk, lol. "HEY WOMAN". hehe that was pretty well done. Although Obama isn't exactly the underdog like Rocky was.

    BATTLE! I can't wait for the debates. This is going to be a wild ride.

  4. This was a very well done video. Even if it was pro-McCain I would think so. This guy has skills.

    And I think McCain with a mohawk might gain a few more votes IRL. He should consider it.

    The debates will be amazing! I'm stoked.

  5. So where are the Olympics fiasco posts? Have you been following all the craziness going on with the lip syncing / kid swap, editing in fireworks, crazy judging, etc.? What are your thoughts?

  6. I havent seen any of the Olympics actually.

    I wish I would have caught the opening stuff in HD. Saw some of it online.

    There's some crazy stuff going on over there for sure.

  7. my son did that the other day, we were playing Marvel Memory (the flip over the card memory game with marvel characters), and he was totally sure he was going to make a match, and he flipped over the second card 100% sure it was the second Hulk card.
    It wasn't, and he went "Wahhh wah wahh"

    It was one of those moments that made me proud as a parent. Like when my daughter walks around with her arms out going "braaaiiinnns"

    Bonus Joke:

    Knock Knock!

  8. Thats where you say:
    "Smell Mop Who"

    Out loud preferably..

  9. ahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahah
    say it out loud..

  10. =-)

    Tell that joke to everyone you know!