Friday, August 29, 2008

Barack accepts the nomination

Wow! That speech was absolutely amazing!

This has been a long week - and I thought fair week was long. Well hopefully I'll get some time to rest and be at home longer than 10 minutes and not fall asleep.

Barack Obama really brought it last night and wow. Just wow. I'm so proud to have him as my candidate and I'm proud to be busting my ass for his campaign.

What did everyone else think of the speech?


  1. I liked the part where he said "Change we need" a bunch.

    Sorry, I can't help it. Knee Jerk! Knee Jerk!

    : D

    I will admit, I didn't watch the whole thing. I read a lot of the transcript and watched clips of most of it. It was a good speech. I will give him that. Not really a shocker coming from Obama, as he really is a great orator. I just have a hard time believing or having confidence he can actually accomplish anything he says. : )

  2. Actually now that I think about it, It was more like a mix between a rock concert and a religious worship service.

  3. Oh did you finally watch it or are you coming to that conclusion from the clips and pieces you saw?

  4. I watched maybe 5 minutes of it. I think that was enough to get a general impression of the theme. Mind you, I never said it was a bad thing, that is just what it reminded me of. Do you disagree? I mean, he was delivering his speech from what looked like a Roman Temple, and there were fireworks and confetti and tens of thousands of screaming people.

    Like I said the speech was good. Well, well delivered anyway. Lots of typical vague totally unrealistic and unattainable Obama speak.

    The Daily Show had me giggling. Here's John Stewart's reaction to Obama's opening statement, when he said with "great humility" he accepted the nomination.

    Stewart: Yes.... Great... Humility... A less humble man might have delivered his speech at the grand canyon.

    Some of the typical pie-in-the-sky Obama rhetoric:

    I will rebuild out military to meet future conflicts. I will restore our moral standing. I will end this war in Iraq. I will also renew tough, direct diplomacy. I will cut taxes. I will build new partnerships to defeat the threats of the 21st century, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, poverty, and genocide, climate change and disease.

    Stewart: And then, on my second day...

    Seriously, do you really think ANY politician could accomplish half of these things in one term?

    Sorry, I know the Daily Show is really Conservatively slanted, and it's not really a fair or balanced perspective. You know me, Mr. Fox News / AM Talk Radio / Daily Show can't-think-for-myself neocon.

    Stewart went on to satire McCain's VP pick, saying he was introducing his third wife, and played a clip of her saying she someone needed to tell her exactly what a VP does when she was asked a month ago.

  5. Oh wait, I forgot Obama is running for two terms in one. I'm sure he can create world peace in 8 years.