Sunday, July 13, 2008

Young Voters Get Out There


  1. I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    Yayyy vote for CHANGE! CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE-A-RINO. Cause change is good cause it's different and fresh and new and things will be better. Who wants the SAME when you can have CHANGE? When you can have something NEW?

    AHHHHH!!!! *BANG*.

  2. Something happened the last time a bunch of people got fired up and voted for CHANGE for the sake of CHANGE. We got a party swing in Congress and I think everyone can see where that went. Record low approval ratings, which are lower than the President everyone loves to bash and blame for all of our problems, yet no one that was in support of that CHANGE seems to like to acknowledge the CONSEQUENCES of voting for what SOUNDS good.

    I have a weird feeling with Obama... It's like the whole wanting to go to your own funeral thing. I almost want him to get elected so I can say I told you so to every uninformed brainwashed person that has been seduced by his smooth talking and hasn't taken the time to consider his stands on the issues and how they are going to affect the future of this country. But then, if you are only interested in CHANGE, I guess you could say he does like to CHANGE his mind a lot.

    I am concerned with what it will cost our country if we hand the keys over and allow this 'non-politician' (rrrright) politician to take the wheel.

    Oh, by the way - I think I know where your rant energy went. : )

  3. There's substance and plans behind his words.

    Here's his Blueprint For Change[pdf].

    I had a great run of over 8 years telling you "I told you so" or trying to with Bush. I can only hope you will have the same opportunity with Obama. :)

  4. The FISA thing didn't sway you one bit Cory?

    I mean, I was all for Obama also, but it's almost like we're seeing alot of say one thing and do another with him already. And since I already have a hard enough time trusting the government I have to wonder just what else he'll change his mind on if/when he gets office.

    FISA was a big mistake.

    Now, I'm definately not saying I'd rather see McCain in office. If that happens I may just shoot myself in the left testicle.

  5. Has he updated his blueprint for change to include warrentless wiretapping?

  6. Quote:

    "It is a close call for me," Obama told reporters. But he said the addition of the "exclusivity" provision giving power to the secret court, along with a new inspector general role and other oversight additions, "met my basic concerns." He said the bill's target should not be the phone companies' culpability, but "can we get to the bottom of what's taking place, and do we have safeguards?"

    :End Quote

    There has ALWAYS been the ability for the government to wiretap without a warrant. All they needed to do was go thru the FISA court. The Bush administration said, screw that. The extra 20 minutes that would take (not kidding there) takes too long, so we (the white house) can decide who should be tapped and for what reason.

    The new law puts the decisions back into the FISA court where they were before Bush mucked with it.

    The only thing that cheeses me off is the telecom immunity. But Bush would have vetoed it without that I'm sure and then we'd be back to square one.

  7. ROFL I am loving the Apathy Party thing, hahaha. Awesome.

    Man I gotta say our options really blow this time around... McCain is no walk in the park for me either. But I just can't watch Obama make a speech and sit still. It's repulsive to me. He is so condescending and arrogant, so slick with his rhetoric and then hides behind a laughable "I'm not like the others" crap. Spare me. Blah.

    I was really pushing for Mitt Romney. If McCain would come up with a good Conservative running mate it would make me feel a lot better. I will NEVER vote for Obama. Blah...

    And as far as 'I told you so' with Bush... I don't think he's done all that bad of a job, if you look at the big picture. He inherited a recession and brought us out of it, led us through the worst terrorist attack in history and led us through 7 years without a repeated attack. He stuck to his guns, literally, in the face of an overwhelmingly biased news media that underreports the success that his policies in part have achieved in Iraq. I really respect him for that. But because he isn't SLICK like Obama and frankly comes across awkward and goofy when he makes speeches he's a horrible president and an idiot. Call me crazy but I would rather make up my own mind than be spoon fed the doom-and-gloom that is the news media of today, which far too many are allowing to become their window into reality. What a joke.

    So, did Bush make mistakes? Heck hes ye did. What American President hasn't? But I have a lot more respect for a President that will say what he believes in the face of adversity, who will stick to what he knows is right no matter than, than a new FRESH POLITICIAN that will say whatever he needs to to woo the public into believing that we have become so weak as individual americans that we NEED a GOVERNMENT to take care of our every need, and that somehow Uncle Sam owes each one of us a free ride.

    I like turtles.


    That's all I'm gonna say.

  9. OMG
    its so obvious.
    Fresh politician!!

    Vote Will Smith 2008! FRESH PRINCE FOR PRESIDENT!!
    DJ JAzzy Jeff would totally be his running mate!!

  10. Damn this blog is running hot.

    I got my "rant" draft still in the works too. My life's been crazy stupid busy lately.

  11. Tell the truth Cory, you've been playing with your phone. It's ok, we won't make fun of you.