Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hellboy 2

So I went and saw Hellboy 2 today and WOW WOW WOW. That was an amazing movie. Definitely recommended. Simply amazing and now I hear that Guillermo del Toro may direct the new Hobbit movie, which sounds freaking great based on his work I've seen so far.


  1. Did you like the first one too? I always thought it looked dumb, but the second one does look pretty cool... Hrm..

    See Wall-E yet? Holy crap. That movie was great.

  2. The first one was good too. This one was better and just fucking awesome by itself.

    I totally want to see it again.

  3. I still like the first one better. The first was pretty much pure comic goodness..

    But I'm also a comic nerd.
    I like what I like because it is what it is. I have read the Hellboy comics since Mike Mignola did his first bit back in 94-ish. I've read ever issue of BRPD, even most of the crossover stuff (Hellboy Vs. Batman anyone?)

    That being said. I felt the new movie was a little bit derivative of the source material. I guess I sum it up as:
    It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. It had great bits, and it had Meh bits. The special FX were all good, except for when they showed Liz in flame on mode, then it looked like something I did in fucking poser 10 years ago. I felt it was over Guillermo Del Toro'd. I kinda had the feeling his though process was something like this.
    I made the first hellboy movie. It was good.
    I then made Pan's Labyrinth, It was good too and won awards.
    OOoooo I bet I could just make all the shit in hellboy look like the shit from Pan's labyrinth and it will be ALLLLLlll good. I need a chalupa..

    I would suggest both of the animated hellboy movies to anyone who enjoys the mythos. They are both feature length and have the stars of the films doing the voices.

    I would also suggest going to your FLCS (friendly local comic store) and purchasing a nice set of Hellboy graphic novels. (Or download them via bittorrent you bad bad boys).
    I really like the print versions, and I feel Mignola's art style is stand out on paper.
    Hellboy Library editions Volume 1 & 2 are excellent choices to get a full breadth of the scope. I also suggest the BPRD comics if you like the side characters like Johann Kraus, oo and Roger the Homonculus is pretty badassed too.

    See also: The Amazing Screw On Head.

    Please post next week how awesome the new batman is, so I can spew my vitriol. Just kidding. I have the highest of hopes for Batman, the last one rocked. It's in good hands.

    For bonus nerd cred. check out the Watchmen Shit. And FUCKING GO READ WATCHMEN IF YOU HAVEN'T!! and then re-read that shit. Then wait till the movie comes out so I can hate Zak Snyder with the burning rage of a 1000 suns.

  4. I gotta say the stuff with the Earth Elemental God guy in the movie was some of the most coolest shit I've seen in a long time.

    I just sat with my mouth open the whole time during that whole part. Which was dangerous since I went to the movies with Wulf and he could have taken advantage of me.

    Batman looks super good, but I'm just not 100% on Heath being the Joker. He was a super good actor (go see Brokeback) but I just dont know if he's the Joker.

    I'm super stoked for it though.

  5. Yeah, the earth elemental part was one of those parts that really wow'd me. I was on the edge of my seat.
    I really enjoyed the troll market part, and felt that part was pretty close to the feel of the hellboy comic.

    Also, in related news, Mike Mignola is finally coming back to do the art on the hellboy comic. Hooray!!

    I think Ledger is going to play a different joker, but its the joker that has always been my favorite. Not the Cesaer Romero version, not the Jack Nicholson version, but the fucking bat shit insane version from the comics. The Killing Joke Graphic novel covers this joker pretty well.
    I think its going to be good. Or at least I hope it will.

  6. I felt that comically, chalupas was far less racist then tacos..