Thursday, June 26, 2008

They are stealing my thoughts.

Well no not really but man I'm getting sick of thinking of cool ideas for products and inventions and then never doing anything about them only to have some other schmuck come out and make the thing.

I really need to figure out how to get some patents and shit so when I get a good idea I can make some bank. Two that really jump to mind are the Super Soaker and a GPS system for your car that shares vehicle data with other users. I dont care if you dont believe me about the Super Soaker. I know I had the idea of a squirt gun being boosted by pumped pressurized air way before it came out in '89. And I dont want to go into more details on the whole GPS data sharing thing for cars, because the one company I know that builds something similar isnt even getting close to tapping all the interesting things I thought you could do with it.

Stupid US patent system being too damn confusing and expensive. :(


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    Yeah I'd rather have them steal my shit then give that place money. Thanks though :)

  2. Those fucking super soaker bastards!
    They stole my idea to allow you to use 2-liter bottles instead of their slightly off kilter screw in design. I always thought it would be awesome to be able to carry multiple bottles worth of ammo to swap out. You could screw in a two liter bottle, but they would leak really bad.. Now they have one coming out that does that..
    Oh well.. at least my kids will benefit..

  3. Gary stole my mail utility idea. Bastard. I should have patented that. With the beveled goodness and everything. Yeah, baby.

  4. All the bevels are gone.

    It's never been the same.

    It's like Mail Utility ME.

  5. By the way, I hear you will get a discount at legalzoom if you put Beck in the special offers box.

  6. put some aluminum foil over your head to keep them from stealing your ideas, that's what i do at home, when i'm at work i just try not to think up anything