Thursday, June 19, 2008


So not a whole lot has been going on lately, but enough to keep me busy and away from making any blog posts.

I finally got a couple of spots on the bike welded up so now I wont burn my leg constantly when I'm trying to get my kickstand down. So that's exciting. I've been riding a lot and getting a lot of sun. However I keep getting burnt in new places. So I got 10 tanning visits at a local shop. Hopefully I can get brown enough I'll stop burning in my stray white areas.

The HHO work for the car is still on hiatus until after this weekend. I'm not going to Gatlinburg as planned. Instead we're going to the Indy Zoo, Newport Aquarium and the Argosy casino boat thingie. I'm looking forward to doing all that instead of going to Gatlinburg and it's cheaper, so that's cool too.

Once I'm back and the O2 confuser my friend Don is building is done, I'll hook the unit back up to my car and start running some fuel efficiency tests. Once we have that part debugged and done, I'll be ready to make a few more for other people's cars.

If you follow me on Twitter or check my Twitter roll over on the right here on my blog, you'll know I went and seen the new Hulk movie. Holy shit did it suck BAD. The only hope for it is that all the shit that Ed Norton came up with that they cut might have made it better - maybe it'll be on the DVD. The only payoff for the movie was when Tony Stark showed up at the end talking more about getting a "team" together. So this is all a big lead up for an Avenger's movie - which might be cool. I bet we'll have to wait on the Thor movie to come out first to tease it some more. Honestly I'd much rather see a Cap't America movie. Oh well.


  1. They did the same thing at the end of Iron Man. Did you see it yet? Holy balls it made me jittery.

    We went to the drive in and saw Iron Man and Indiana Jones on the same night. It was crazy good.

    We are going to see Get Smart tonight. I'm looking forward to Wall-E coming soon too. Previews for that one look pretty good.

  2. Yeah I saw that at the end of Iron Man. Sam Jackson as Nick Fury is cool. I didnt even know about it being there, but something told me I should stay till the end and was glad I did.

    Get Smart and Wall-E are on my list. Bunch of good movies coming out.

  3. Man, I gotta disagree about the hulk movie. I mean. It was no Ironman, which was totally fucking awesome. But it was good.

    I felt the original was too much boo-hoo I'm emo bruce banner, and not enough HULK SMASH!!
    I like Ang Lee and the work he does. I loved the editing style where it looked like a comic book. But the movie just didn't do it for me.
    I liked the little touches in this one. The use of the TV show theme in several areas, etc.
    I also did not care for the ret-con in the first movie. Bruce Banner's dads experimentation on himself resulted in Bruce turning into the hulk (combined with the gamma radiation from the lab explosion)? Put that shit next to organic web spinners. And the bad guy was "The Father".. Meh.
    Two words. Hulk Poodles.

    Plus the new movie sets up for The Leader, which is all kinds of cool.

    And to chime in on the upcoming good movies, I'm really hoping Hancock doesn't suck..

  4. Get Smart was decent. Not on my top 5 list, but very entertaining and funny. Corell fits the character pretty well...

    Man, Jon cracks me up. You know how there is always a subject that sets your grandpa off and you bring it up just to giggle while he rants and raves? Jon is already there with the Organic Web Spinners. Lol. I love it. : )

  5. I guarantee that I will still rant about fucking organic web spinners when I'm 80