Monday, June 02, 2008

HHO Generator Rev.2 - Phase 3 Install

Today I fired up revision 2 of my HHO generator. It works great. I tested the system under vacuum by plugging the output tube into the PCV air intake line into the intake manifold and wow it really increased production.

I was also able to tweak the bubbler cap setting for the air intake. So the next step, I setup an old kool-aid pitcher with bungie cords for a place to sit the unit, then I wired it up. I hooked a vacuum T junction up to the intake line from the PCV and drilled a hole and installed another hose insert on the air plenum on the clean side of the filter. The PCV line will draw HHO during idle and more so during engine load and the air filter line will draw during driving.

Then I took it out for a drive and WOW it had a lot more performance from a stop and during acceleration at speed. The car shifted way smoother and more even. It idled smoother and quieter and the whole engine seemed to run way smoother.

The Check Engine light came on, but that was to be expected. The code it gave was that the O2 sensor was reading a problem and cylinder 1 and 2 both had a misfire detected in it. The O2 sensor misread was to be expected as the exhaust temp drops the O2 sensor will think the car's not getting enough air and throw the code. It will also dump more fuel into the mix.

So the next step is to build my O2 sensor confuser so I can adjust it's voltage by hand and make it think it's not a lean mix going thru the engine and then my MPG should go thru the roof.

The only thing I didnt count on was the misfire reading in cylinders 1 and 2. Hopefully that's just a misread by the ECM since it was getting bad data from the O2 sensor.

I was talking to a guy at our local Advance Auto Parts and he built the same unit I did and put it on his truck and he just unhooked his O2 sensor and he's getting 8 to 10 mpg more out of his struck. With the O2 hooked up and effectively tricked you should see a much larger gain.


  1. HHO, it's the magic placebo gas! Did you find that your seats were more cushy also? hehehe. It's like windex for your engine. : )

  2. Gene gene made a machine
    Joe joe made it go
    Art art made a fart
    and blew the whole machine apart.

  3. You got any specs on this that you can share? It looks fairly basic but I can't find any plans online ...

  4. This design is based on the design from

    You can see a lot of diagrams and stuff for it here:

    We mostly just built it according to the pictures and what common info we could find.

    I can post some designs later on after the project's done.

  5. Thanks for being generous with your findings, Cory. So ... I built the plexiglass T deal and am just about to put on the wires. You are obviously alternating positive/negative, but how far apart are they spaced?

  6. They are spaced about 1/2" to 5/8" apart. It's hard to make them super precise. And they start about 1.5" down. I just dremeled out notches down each side and then started running the wires, skipping every other notch so the other wire is the one in between. Doesnt matter which (positive or negative) is on which side.

    The Anode wire (positive) is where the Hydrogen forms from the water and the Cathode (negative) is where the oxygen comes from.

    Make sure you are using a good quality stainless steel wire too. I'm using an 18 gauge 316L.

    I've also read not to use galvanized wire as that makes the water too muddy too quickly. I havent tried this on my own though.

  7. man.. that website is kind of time-cubey..

  8. Time Cube is REAL.

    08/02/1999 9:29PM