Thursday, June 26, 2008

Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

It's a twister it's a twister.

This was taken from someone in the town I live in.

Check the map here for where the pic was taken.

They are stealing my thoughts.

Well no not really but man I'm getting sick of thinking of cool ideas for products and inventions and then never doing anything about them only to have some other schmuck come out and make the thing.

I really need to figure out how to get some patents and shit so when I get a good idea I can make some bank. Two that really jump to mind are the Super Soaker and a GPS system for your car that shares vehicle data with other users. I dont care if you dont believe me about the Super Soaker. I know I had the idea of a squirt gun being boosted by pumped pressurized air way before it came out in '89. And I dont want to go into more details on the whole GPS data sharing thing for cars, because the one company I know that builds something similar isnt even getting close to tapping all the interesting things I thought you could do with it.

Stupid US patent system being too damn confusing and expensive. :(

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

RIP iMac

So we bought a second generation iMac way back in the day at work. We needed it so we could provide better support for our customers who used Macs.

We got it with OS8 and 9 and later updated it to OS10 and from day 1 it was nothing but a pain in the ass and man I hate Mac's in general.

So now it's finally dead:

That's one deer slug from my 20 gauge right into the screen. You cant tell in this picture but we actually have it plugged in. The thing wont boot anymore and the screen comes on but it wont boot anymore. It would seem lead isnt Mac compatible.

And more death reigning down:

That was 3 rounds of buckshot from my friend's 12 gauge pump action. All told the evening was spent putting 20 deer slug rounds and almost 30 rounds of 12 gauge buckshot into the iMac - very satisfying.

Check out the pictures:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Vacation is officially over

No more vacation for me.

Today we went to the Newport Aquarium and then swung over to the Argosy Casino. The aquarium was amazing as usual. Not too sure about the casino. It was beautiful and everyone was super nice, but gambling just doesnt do much for me. I blew $172. I won some back and blew some more, but all told at the end I blew my whole wad. I might go back again, it was a neat experience all told.

Oh and here's some pictures I took at the zoo in Indianapolis.

I didnt get any actual pictures of the dolphins, I was too busy checking them out. At one point I was sitting in part of the tunnel to get away from the people in the domed area. I started making a noise into the glass and the dolphins seemed to really groove on it and came over and was curling up and hugging the glass on the other side of me and checking me all out. It lasted about a few minutes but it felt like forever. Man it was amazing. Then I turned around and everyone from the dome came out and was huddled around me - like 40 people or so. It was funny. I guess I was hogging the dolphins - oops. I am going to make a reservation for the dolphin experience.

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Fridge

Ever wonder what the inside of my refrigerator looks like? Well wonder no more. Click below and check out the glory that is my fridge!

Top Shelf Inside:
  • Mt. Dew
  • Empty bottle of Mt. Dew full of water
  • Bottle of Distilled water for my HHO. Not sure how it got in the fridge.
  • A 2-liter of Coke with about 2 sips left
  • A big block of cheese
  • A pint of macaroni salad from Lees (about 2 weeks old)
  • A bottle of Simply Orange in the back (almost 2 years old - it's awesome)
Second Shelf Inside:
  • More Mt. Dew
  • A box of Papa John's Pizza with 3 slices of various pizza (2 weeks old)
Top Shelf Door:
  • 1 can of bacon bits (1.5 years old)
  • 1 small tub of ranch wing sauce from Dominos (3 months old)
Second Shelf Door:
  • 1 bottle of Ranch salad dressing
  • 1 bottle of English Pub Chop sauce
  • 1 bottle of mustard
  • 1 bottle of ketchup
  • 1 bottle of French salad dressing
  • 1 bottle of what I think is tar tar sauce
  • 1 bottle of Bullseye BBQ
Stay tuned for shots of my freezer and sock drawer!

Words of Wisdom in 30 minutes or less

A very good friend of mine is starting a job delivering pizza and I wish her the best of luck. I delivered Pizza for a few years for the local Pizza Hut and Little Caesars. It was the second most best job I had. It was so much fun. Here's some tips:
  1. Never give change in $5 bills. Change them all into $1's when you can. The more $1's you give the better the chance you'll get multiple $1's back as a tip. You'll very rarely see that $5 back.
  2. Work all the Friday and Saturday hours you can. You'll always be out on deliveries, the time goes fast and the money racks up fast.
  3. Get used to your car smelling of pizza for days on end. Dont try to over power it with air fresheners, just deal with it. Otherwise your car will smell like New Car and Meat Lovers Pizza which is even worse.
  4. DONT tell your car insurance you are delivering pizza.
  5. Learn how to change your own oil and change it every 1500 to 2000 miles or every month and a half. The work is VERY hard on your card.
  6. Get an MP3 player that hooks into your car or a deck that plays MP3 CD's. Point is cram as much music as you possibly can in your car. You're going to need the music.
  7. Keep a small but STRONG flashlight in your car to shine up onto people's houses. Not only will it help you find house numbers, but it will make you look like a cop to people who look quickly (especially if you make siren noises with your mouth while doing it).
  8. If the house looks weird, DONT go to the door. Trust your gut. And in the event of someone doing something, throw them the pizza and the money bag and bolt.
  9. Buy real gas. Dont go for the cheap Walmart gas or smaller chain gas stations. Also use some fuel injector cleaner.
  10. You cant carry an umbrella and a pizza, so dont bother. You'll get wet, but the wetter you get normally the tips go up.
  11. Smile, have fun. It's really a great job.
  12. If you dont have a good memory, start writing down good tippers. Remember the last name or the addresses. Most people get deliveries a lot and you'll find you're favorites fast and rack up the bucks.
  13. Leave your car running and get used to putting on your parking brake. It's easy to forget putting the car in Park when you're in a hurry and chasing your car down the street would suck.
  14. Put a thin dish towel under the magnetic sign toppers so the magnetic disks on them wont scratch your paint.
  15. Double check your order before leaving the building. Dont forget the extra stuff for the order, the people bagging them up for you dont really care since they dont get your tips.
  16. Put your check in the bank and live off your tips for your little day-to-day needs.
Okay I think that's it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


So not a whole lot has been going on lately, but enough to keep me busy and away from making any blog posts.

I finally got a couple of spots on the bike welded up so now I wont burn my leg constantly when I'm trying to get my kickstand down. So that's exciting. I've been riding a lot and getting a lot of sun. However I keep getting burnt in new places. So I got 10 tanning visits at a local shop. Hopefully I can get brown enough I'll stop burning in my stray white areas.

The HHO work for the car is still on hiatus until after this weekend. I'm not going to Gatlinburg as planned. Instead we're going to the Indy Zoo, Newport Aquarium and the Argosy casino boat thingie. I'm looking forward to doing all that instead of going to Gatlinburg and it's cheaper, so that's cool too.

Once I'm back and the O2 confuser my friend Don is building is done, I'll hook the unit back up to my car and start running some fuel efficiency tests. Once we have that part debugged and done, I'll be ready to make a few more for other people's cars.

If you follow me on Twitter or check my Twitter roll over on the right here on my blog, you'll know I went and seen the new Hulk movie. Holy shit did it suck BAD. The only hope for it is that all the shit that Ed Norton came up with that they cut might have made it better - maybe it'll be on the DVD. The only payoff for the movie was when Tony Stark showed up at the end talking more about getting a "team" together. So this is all a big lead up for an Avenger's movie - which might be cool. I bet we'll have to wait on the Thor movie to come out first to tease it some more. Honestly I'd much rather see a Cap't America movie. Oh well.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The End is Nigh ...

As much as I'd love to say "you're full of shit" when you tell me the end is nigh, I know it will do no good so I keep quiet.

With the planet going thru some drastic changes due to our polluting and abuse of the entire ecosystem, we are seeing some drastic results. However no one I knew locally really talked about it - until now.

They were busy trying to figure out how to make enough money to put gas in their cars, or food on their table. And just normal day-to-day life things. But recently now that these changes to the Earth are hitting more close to home, I have heard more than a few people speak in disbelief of these apparent events they are experiencing. And in the face of these changes, I've heard more than a few of them say something that this might be "the end of days".

This troubles me, deeply. I dont want this to be an anti-religion rant and I'm not questioning anyone's faith or belief here ... what troubles me is that this "oh well it's all going to end" attitude. More than a few people I know think like this and do nothing to try to change their day-to-day behaviors. They take no action to reduce, recycle or reuse and are fine with continuing to live the same way and just figure God's clicked on shutdown and there's no changing it so you might as well go out big.

That's a dangerous way to think. No one (well maybe Joel) can argue that everyday our behavior and consumption is destroying the lives and connections throughout the whole global ecosystem and that we are ultimately linked to all of that and thus we are hurting ourselves.

So if you think that one day God will start the end process, please do the rest of us a favor and still recycle and use less power and work towards helping our planet out. He's going to end the world anyway when he wants to and so far I havent heard any angel's sounding the trumpet, so it's a pretty safe bet that this isnt it. And even if it is, there will still be a lot of us left down here when it's all over and I dont want to deal with your garbage.

Monday, June 02, 2008

HHO Generator Rev.2 - Phase 3 Install

Today I fired up revision 2 of my HHO generator. It works great. I tested the system under vacuum by plugging the output tube into the PCV air intake line into the intake manifold and wow it really increased production.

I was also able to tweak the bubbler cap setting for the air intake. So the next step, I setup an old kool-aid pitcher with bungie cords for a place to sit the unit, then I wired it up. I hooked a vacuum T junction up to the intake line from the PCV and drilled a hole and installed another hose insert on the air plenum on the clean side of the filter. The PCV line will draw HHO during idle and more so during engine load and the air filter line will draw during driving.

Then I took it out for a drive and WOW it had a lot more performance from a stop and during acceleration at speed. The car shifted way smoother and more even. It idled smoother and quieter and the whole engine seemed to run way smoother.

The Check Engine light came on, but that was to be expected. The code it gave was that the O2 sensor was reading a problem and cylinder 1 and 2 both had a misfire detected in it. The O2 sensor misread was to be expected as the exhaust temp drops the O2 sensor will think the car's not getting enough air and throw the code. It will also dump more fuel into the mix.

So the next step is to build my O2 sensor confuser so I can adjust it's voltage by hand and make it think it's not a lean mix going thru the engine and then my MPG should go thru the roof.

The only thing I didnt count on was the misfire reading in cylinders 1 and 2. Hopefully that's just a misread by the ECM since it was getting bad data from the O2 sensor.

I was talking to a guy at our local Advance Auto Parts and he built the same unit I did and put it on his truck and he just unhooked his O2 sensor and he's getting 8 to 10 mpg more out of his struck. With the O2 hooked up and effectively tricked you should see a much larger gain.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Pics or it didnt happen

Here are the promised pictures of my adventure today. And a link to a video of the hydrogen being produced. So without further adieu...

This is the aftermath of my test today and the result of lighting the output tube to see how much HHO was being produced. The answer? Enough to snap the lid into two parts - knocking the core of it completely out and then snapping the collar of the lid and ejecting it off the bottle about a foot.

This is a close-up shot of the edge of the center of the lid. This is was the primary point of structural failure.

Zoomed out shot, showing how I had it sitting in my car and a shot of the Mt. Dew bottle I couldnt get to bark any burn out of, so I ended up lighting the exhaust tube instead to test it - thus ending with the lid 'splosion.

So what have we learned? The first cap design was a little too complex. I've slimmed down the version 2 design and made the second version in about 15 minutes. You can make fine tip nozzles for Goop glue tubes with electrical tape in a pinch. Super Glue is overrated and doesnt bond most things together for very long so totally skip that part. The jar has a very small likely hood of bursting since it's thick and full of water. If the system is breached by combustion, the lid will always be the weak spot. An internal kill switch is definately needed when installed.

Tomorrow or the day after I should have the Version 2 installed in my car and we'll see what that does. Wish me luck.