Saturday, May 31, 2008

HHO Generator update

So I finished the HHO unit and I hooked it up today and PRESTO - Hydrogen. WOOT! Well Di-oxyhydrogen or HHO gas.

Right now I'm posting this on a friend's ASUS eeePC and I'm just doing this post quickly. I will post pics later. To test the HHO output I tried to fill a little of the gas in a pop bottle and light it to see if it would ignite, but I couldnt either trap enough gas or whatever to get it to ignite. So I just said screw it and lit the end of the hose and BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

haha It was so awesome. It was so powerful and loud it blew the plastic lid apart and had my neighbor coming out to check if I was alright. I gathered some great data from turning the thing up today and from igniting it and checking the stress points, etc. So version 2 of the build is drying right now and I should be ready to do a car install in the next 24 hours or so.

I'll post the pics of the after-boom later. YAY!!!!!

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