Wednesday, May 28, 2008

HHO Generator is ready to make HHO

I finished production last night. You definitely want to notch the core unit when stringing the wire. It's really hard to keep a separation if you dont do that. We're using 18 guage wire here, so no need to braid it (hopefully). I'll have to keep an eye on the cathode wire, since that's where the oxygen output happens and the oxygen will attack the wire like crazy.

Hopefully I'll have time tonight to mix up some water (distilled water + baking soda) and give it a try. I dont know if I want to do a peaceful test (fill a balloon and float a GI Joe guy up in the air) or a evil test and just try to find as many things I can fill with hydrogen and explode.

I'll try to post some videos, at least to document my life before and after having all my fingers.


  1. It looks like there's no question as to what testing needs to be done.

    Fill a balloon and float your GI Joe and then blow it up.

    Best of both worlds.

  2. HAHA! Explosions are great. I have a tripod if you want to borrow it.