Monday, May 19, 2008

The Beginning

Here's the first shot of the Hydrogen Electrolysis Unit my friend and I are making. It should be producing HHO gas by this weekend (PHASE 1) and next weekend (or sooner) it'll be ready for install in my car (PHASE 2).

Phase 1: Produce single HHO cell and test connection and HHO gas output
Phase 2: Install single HHO cell into car and note changes to system.
* Fuel efficiency should decline as the engine atomizes more fuel due to HHO output confusing the O2 sensor
* Engine should run calmer
* Increased horsepower
* Decreased overall engine temperature
Phase 3: Produce 5 more HHO cells and "chain" together and install in O2 sensor "confuser" and start tweaking out system working towards more fuel efficiency.


  1. Phase 1 - Produce HHO
    Phase 2 - Install

    Phase 4 - Make money.

    hehe :)

  2. errrr

    Step 1 - Produce HHO
    Step 2 - ???
    Step 3 - Profit!