Monday, April 14, 2008

Okay so the rumors of my death may have been half true

So my fever broke late Wednesday night and I went to rehearsal Thursday night. I only made it as long as it took to practice and line up for the curtain call and the first scene I was in and I had to stop.

I just couldnt push the words out of my mouth any more. I literally got out of breath from trying to talk so loud and I got way over-heated and just generally overdid it. Yeah big surprise out of me I'm sure you're thinking.

So I had to stop part way thru the first scene I was in and I almost collapsed. I gotta tell you I dont quite remember anything from the time I got off stage till the time I reached the hallway and people were scurrying around me. I was drenched in sweat and could barely stand. I sat down for a bit and got out of my costume and they laid me down on a couch. I immediately got the chills/random sweats back and felt like total hell. That night and a most of the next day my fever had returned (not as high but it was back).

Thankfully the nice folks went and got me some chicken noodle soup and something to drink and after resting for about an hour I had the strength to make it back home. Where I just went straight to bed and didnt move forever.

I have missed all the shows, I've now lost over 15 pounds and since shaking a major part of the flu (the upset stomach, and body pains) I have now come down with a horrible cough. I went back to the doctor today and he said the cough is common from what he is seeing with people overcoming this flu and that it could last for a week or more yet. He gave me a script for some antibiotics and some industrial strength cough medicine. So hopefully I can sleep without coughing myself to death.

So as it officially looks right now, my run in Hamlet is over. Not exactly how I wanted it all to turn out, but everyone's been very nice and supportive. If I feel better come this weekend I might try to do a show or two, but I think I've learned my lesson about pushing myself before my body is ready to be pushed. So this week's vacation is going to be spent split between the couch and the bed. I really broke myself this time. I havent been this sick in probably 10 years.

I would encourage you all to still go and see the shows. They have a very capable actor taking over my part and he and everyone else is amazing and well worth going to see. I'm sorry if I let anyone down with all this.

Now back to drinking my Gatorade to try to keep myself hydrated (dont every let yourself get dehydrated if you can help it) and working towards some semblance of an appetite so I can get back some of the weight I've lost and get the rest of my strength back.


  1. Holy balls dood! That is craziness. Glad you are keeping things in perspective, the show can go on without you, though I am sure it won't be the same. : )

    I will be thinkin about you man... Wish you the best.

  2. Hang in there man. You will be onstage before it's over. And you'll always have everyone's respect and love.