Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Enough already! ARGH!

I want to take this moment to speak on something that really bugs the hell out of me. And that is UFO's - or rather the people that see them and have to seem apologetic or worried that people will think they are a freak for even remotely thinking the strange thing they are seeing is a UFO.

U.F.O. is an acronym for UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT. That's it. It doesnt mean that it's a space ship from another planet!

If you look up in the sky and see something flying and cant tell what the hell it is, then guess what? You just saw a UFO. Call it a UFO. Tell all your friends that you just saw a UFO and dont feel the need to tip-toe around the concept or pre-apologize so people dont think you're a loon that might believe in aliens visiting our planet.

I'm not discounting the possibility of aliens visiting our planet or whatever at all. And that gets to the heart of this concept. People should stop worrying about imagining things out to all ends. That's how we figure stuff out and learn. You see something you dont understand so you start constructing and imagining concepts about what it is, etc and then we rule them out and study it until we figure out what it is and why. So having the possibility of it being an alien spacecraft is certainly within the boundaries of things the UFO could be and shouldnt be discounted simply because some people think it's too sci-fi.


  1. That used to be the case but the acronym UFO can mean alien spacecraft as well as unidentified flying object (possibly an alien spacecraft).

    This has been the case ever since the invent of the Urban Dictionary. Mind you it's not Websters but that doesn't matter any longer. With all of the many changes in our vocabulary, especially on the Internet, the Urban Dictionary is now considered a very reliable resource.


  2. I guess I should have mentioned the definition numbers, which are 15, 18 and 26.

  3. This is kinda like saying "I could care less" is ok to say even though really it means you could care less, which means you really do somewhat care. Instead, I still make a point to say I COULDN'T care less, and correct people that have come to say they could care less even though what they really mean to say is they couldn't care less, as in saying that they care so little about the issue that they could not care any less.

    With that being said, I could care less what the urban dictionary says about the mean of the Acronym UFO. Er... Wait. Couldn't. Uhhh...

  4. Maybe others do though. It must mean something to many since my Google Alerts have come in no less than 35 of them over the last week all stating the same thing. It's just an acronym! I think there are more important things out there to drone about, don't you? And, I found that American Heritage Dictionary has a definition for UFO as a flying saucer now too. How can you 'not' care for fact? lol

  5. That's a great point Joel.

    I mean common vernacular does exist but it doesnt get rid of the true definition of the word.

  6. I'm not discounting that some and or most are actually alien spacecraft. Which I actually believe this is the case and that's fine.

    What I am getting at here is that the term UFO has been perverted by incorrect common usage to immediately mean an alien spaceship and then used by people who dont believe or want to even remotely consider it make fun or defame and then no real study of these issues are ever looked at with any seriousness.

    And just because you dont agree with what's being said here you dont need to judge it as not important enough to "drone" about.

  7. If the UFO sightings hotline limits you to 3 calls per day, you might be a redneck.

  8. The aliens are altering our vocabulary through chem trails.
    I read it on the interwebz.

  9. "That used to be the case but the acronym UFO can mean alien spacecraft"

    Ummm. May want to look up the definition of an acronym. The *word* UFO can me something else. The acronym cannot.